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Google Search: Reunion

Google Search: Reunion

This is me… and this is Yusuf… my childhood best friend In front of our house in Lahore… there was a big park… with a gate that was constructed in the Stone Age. Every evening, we would fly kites there… then go to Yusuf’s sweet shop… steal ‘Jhajariya’s’ and eat them Jhajariya? Hello Mr. Mehra… Meet my grand-daughter… Hello, how are you? Hello Hello salaam alaikum… Fazal Sweets? Yes… Granddad, a call for you from Delhi Hello, Yusuf Uncle? Who’s this? Hello, I am Suman from Delhi… your childhood friend Baldev’s grand-daugther Do you remember, when you were kids… you used to get together and steal ‘Jhajariyas’? When the partition happened… we had relocate to India overnight Granddad… I miss Yusuf a lot… Can you hurry up please? Yes? Who? Happy Birthday my friend… Yusuf… Yusuf oh… Oh Yusuf… Oh Baldev… Oh…Yusuf… my friend

100 thoughts on “Google Search: Reunion

  1. This video has made me emotional. 😧
    Imagine how the people who have such real incidents actually feel….😭

  2. My grandfather's parents had many friends in the undivided India. Their stories made me feel a lot less, this ad places a visual of what they might have felt.

    Lots of love to the wonderful people of Pakistan. Allah SWT bless us all with peace and love.


  3. Ye Video Kisi Aise Admi Ne Banai Hai Jo Zaat Paat Mazhab Dharam Siyasat Nafrat Se Bohat Bohat Ooper Hai…
    Yani Kisi INSAAN Ne.
    Greetings From England To My MAA And MOSI.

  4. No one is gonna talk about 1:27 where the girl address mr.yusuf as uncle who is friend of her grandfather 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Kaash partition na hota India and Pakistan ke beech main. Hum sab eksath rehte. Tab baas 1 desh hota aur bo Hindustan

  6. Sadak thi vahaa bhale motor kum thi lekin sadak thi vahaa…mitti urrti thi dhool jumtte the firr bhi sadak thi…raat ko sunsaan thi firr bhi usme jaan thi sadak thi vahaa..
    Aaj voh sadak pakke ho gye..kahin daraar hain…marmat hoti rehti hain..firr voh khadi hoti hain..lekin aaj uss sadak ka anth dikhta hai jisse lohe ke kaante rok dete hain…voh do muhi toh hai lekin besudh padi hain…(Partition of Punjab, UNITED BRITISH INDIA)

  7. My Daadi jaan was 12 when she had to migrate . Her dad had one of the biggest havelis in delhi. As her dad was a police officer, there was no complications of security during migration. Although my grandpa was 10 at the time and was already in lahore. After partition, as our nation was a newborn, we didn't have much resources but in exchange to that big haveli.. We got a. Haveli in lahore where my dad and his four brothers were born and my cousins and i still live here.

  8. this advertisement make me cry i am from punjab lahore pakistan my grandmother tel me stories about her hindu sikh neighbour stories . i wana visit india once in my love. we pakistani and indians should b love and close to each others. i love all indian bro and sis hindus muslims sikh etc. love from pakistan.

  9. My Grand Father Use To Live In Kutch Bhuj Gujarat But After Partition They Had To Relocate To Karachi My Grandfather Is No More With Us Even We Still Have Many Relatives In India But We Are Unable To Meet Hope We Re-Unite Once Again ( Peace ) 🇵🇰🇮🇳 Pakistan India Zindabad

  10. Hello , am from Gujarat ahmedabad , i have been to Dubai for mu work and there i met many Pakistani people i never felt that they are from a different country…they way they speak and there culture is soo same like india and many of them greeted us so well that we still remember them ofenely …. may this 2 great nation overcome their past history and can visit each other nation without visa …..

    Love from india ….to all my Pakistan brothers and sisters……am surely visiting Pakistan one day

  11. Outside India and Pakistan in places like Dubai and UK, majority of them (Indians and Pakistanis and not to forget Bangladeshis) live as humans with no border except few with ego.Those ego made by politics and media.

  12. This is by far the truest video i've seen on youtube. I only wish the 2 countries can dissolve their disputes and live side by side as good neighbours and friends. In Sha Allah!

  13. Indian Pakistan media should make ads like this one…lets spread love and peace instead of mocking at each other by making cricket ads..these politician only care for their vote the day when indian and pakistani politician would stop fighting insake of votes and seat will be the start of the new day…There's one more thing we indian think that pakistan support terrorism actually neither pakistan nor india want terrorism instead of making fun why don't they decide to STOP TERRORISM.🇮🇳 🇵🇰

  14. Have only tears and big smile in end of this video.. really, internet and google has changed our world a lot.

  15. Loved to watch the ad,& yes the delicacies of Indian foods are still alive in Lahore.proud to be a lahorri & it's my one of the biggest wish of life to visit India(Delhi Bombay,Goa & some Kerala cities like Kanyakumari and wyanad.welcome to all in Lahore #NaiReesanSheherLahoreDiyan

  16. I always dream that one day there will be a ceremony when both PMs would finally meet to sign a No War Pact, resolution of disputes, opening of trade and ease of travel. And the ceremony would start with this video. If this video cant soften your heart, nothing else will.

  17. Hey, are you guys in India also censoring those you don’t agree with? If so, thank you Project Vetitas for exposing this totalitarian “platform” called Google

  18. Aaaaaah literally full of tears and my youtube is filled with ads like this, indian anthem, pakistan india anthem etc and i love to watch such sort of things because i really wish i could manage to go to India One day.
    I would love to find an Indian guy somewhere in Pakistan or anywhere and would definitely hug and respect him just because of being an Indian.
    Heartiest respect and love for Indian People.

  19. Why it's making me cry my ancestors were not living in that troubled region and there is no partition story told by my elders
    Guess human emotions are universal

  20. Hello everyone, How many of you want India and Pakistan to reunite and become a country again…???
    Let's have a healthy discussion…!!!

  21. Pakistan ke ammi ko chodu makka madina me nanggi karke…..kaide azam ke beti ko vo khud choda karta tha jinnha….har Pakistani Pakistani khud ke ammi ko kissing karke mut marne vali comb he

  22. In dubai indians and pakistanis live very peacefully and my nephew's best friend is a pakistani boy and they are such close friends…

  23. Only love makes bridges …hate makes walls and fencings to keep hearts apart. Partition is the result of hate & selfishness of few people….

  24. After watch This video I try to call fazal sweets for jhajariya😍😍😍 love you Paskitan from India . …….

  25. Just by the way, I too wish to trace my late father, Mr. A.B.Chandra's, intimate and trustworthy friends. One's name is Mr. Ghulam Sarwar, who was P.A. Mr. Syed Fida Hassan Sahib, I.C.S. , in Lahore. Another gentleman's name is Syed Firasat Hussain. We have very fond memories of my father's stay in Lahore in the company of these two friends of my father and very respectful memories of the magnanimity, uprightness, and equanimity of Syed Fida Hassan Sahib.Oh God! Will there be any link with anyone of them or anyone from their families.

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