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Google presents: Turkish Airlines “Selfie Shootout” Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Google presents: Turkish Airlines “Selfie Shootout” Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Faruk Cizmecioglu: With this campaign we wanted
to launch our new motto “widen your world”. Zeki Cukur: Our target and aim was to increase
brand awareness of Turkish Airlines in the world and in important markets. Serdar Ekrem Sirin: We gave the brief to our
agency Crispin Porter and they came up with the idea based on the most shared word: Selfie. Genevieve Sexton: Selfies are a real cultural
phenomenon. We came up with a concept using selfies to take Kobe and Messi to a variety
of places and actually widen their world. Neset Dereli: Kobe is the best in the basketball
world. Messi is the best in the football world. So we decided to work with the best. Serdar Ekrem Sirin: YouTube is indispensable
in every campaign because it’s the most efficient way to reach our target group all around the
world. Zeki Cukur: YouTube has a young audience that
like to travel and discover new places, so we wanted to reach them. Genevieve Sexton: YouTube has a real power
to allow for shareability and for the viral nature of really great storytelling to come
alive. Emre Albayrak: YouTube’s different advertising
models and different communication techniques brings you together with a much larger audience
and that is why we often use YouTube’s tools. Faruk Cizmecioglu: We are so pleased to have
made this campaign. Genevieve Sexton: We had it more than 136
million views on the spot and we also were the fastest spreading commercial on YouTube
with 77 million views in the first week. Emre Albayrak: It was liked by over 90% of
people, shared repeatedly and received positive comments. Neset Dereli: Our YouTube search increased
209% and our global brand search on Google increased 16%. Zeki Cukur: As a result of the campaign our
brand awareness is increased by approximately 9 points. Genevieve Sexton: Building relationships every
time is going to continue to be very important for brands and their business in general.
YouTube has the potential to continue to build those relationships by identifying the right
audiences for the right messages. Faruk Cizmecioglu: In our future marketing
strategies both YouTube and Google will have a very important place.

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