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Google Presents: Pepsi “Test Drive” Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Google Presents: Pepsi “Test Drive” Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Jeff: Hello, I’m Mike. Steve: Steve. Nice to meet you, Mike. I saw
you sort of gravitated towards the Camaro. Are you thinking about getting one? Jeff: I’ve never driven anything like this
before. Steve: What are you driving now? Jeff: Oh, just a minivan. Steve: Oh, yeah? Jeff: You better buckle up. Steve: Yeah. Good call . . . Aah! Peter: Pepsi approached us. They wanted to
do a hidden camera prank on a car salesman. One thing that was really important to me
was making sure that we shot it in such a way that there was no element of it feeling
like a commercial. Steve: It’s got some power, so just get a
feel for it. Jeff: There was a lot of parts and pieces
of this that were going to really have to come together and work. Getting put into this
disguise, looking in the mirror for the first time and not recognizing myself, that helped
me be this guy. Steve: Watch out! Lou: It did not take long to know that it
was um, a hit. Jeff: Of course immediately that buzz was
going fast as it came out. Steve: Just take us back! Oh, no, no, no! Jeff: You all right over there, Steve? Steve: Oh you’re an idiot! I’m going to kill
you! Lou: One of the great things about launching
on YouTube is immediate real-time metrics. People are clicking like or dislike, they’re
writing in the comments. Peter: YouTube to me represents the future.
There’s just more freedom in the content that you can do and I think that Pepsi was really
aware “let’s make it the right way” and then the rest will follow. Lou: Success is building something that you
self-select to watch and I love it so much I’m going to share it with my friends and
they’re going to watch it because it comes from me. Peter: The more brands are willing to just
invest in creative storytelling, the better off we’ll be. Jeff: It’s not what you think! Steve: I’m calling the cops! Jeff: No, it’s just a prank! We were just
having fun! Look: this is a camera, here’s a camera, there’s cameras. Look, it was all
just fun, look: I’m Jeff Gordon. Sorry, man! Sorry! Steve: Oh my…Want to do it again? Jeff: Yeah, let’s do it again!

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