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Google presents: Mercedes-Benz “The Monolith” Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Google presents: Mercedes-Benz “The Monolith” Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Beatrice: The aim of our campaign was to continue
with our work of rebranding and making the brand more modern. It was very important that
people would say, “I would never have expected this from Mercedes.” Olivier: We devised a 24 hour program for
YouTube with the idea of a monolith, a black block, constantly fashioned and crafted by
a group of sportsmen. The sportsmen represent the engineers that design and build these
cars. We based the campaign on popular topics that have an existing audience. So people
could relate to the brand through their own passions. Reaching the audience is not the
most difficult thing. Enabling them to engage with the brand and share the ads that’s the
real challenge. Mathieu: The choice was made very quickly
not to have multiple touchpoints but to focus on just one: Youtube. Cedric: All our video content could be on
a platform which already had an audience. Beatrice: For us, YouTube has been central.
We used the custom channel as an emotive catalyst and we also used Masthead, FirstWatch, TrueView
and Search. It allowed us to reach many more people than we would have with a more classic
campaign. Cedric: We had 3.7 million complete views
and more than 6.9 years of content actively used. Olivier: We created a 14 minute TrueView film.
Normally consumers have difficulty watching 30 second advert on TV, so you’d think that
a 14 minute ad on the internet wouldn’t be possible, but people were engaged because
the program exceeded their expectations. Beatrice: Market studies show that the brand’s
perception has changed. Olivier: Nobody realizes the innovation needed
to preserve the fluidity. It was possible because YouTube and Proximity BBDO worked
to make this experience fluid and graceful. Beatrice: Today, digital is clearly part of
our strategy. More and more people are using tablets and are constantly connected, so we
need to innovate and try to be more and more effective in this area. The YouTube channel
is an audience hub and very important to us, and we will continue to invest in order to
surprise people even more, and to offer different experiences to our current and potential clients.

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