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Google Presents: Behind the evian ‘Baby & Me’ phenomenon | YouTube Advertisers

Google Presents: Behind the evian ‘Baby & Me’ phenomenon | YouTube Advertisers

Laurent: Baby and Me campaign is the last
sequel in the cycle. It has been 15 years now since we talked about live young about
youth that is a question of attitude and not a question of age. Remi: Evian was a very French brand and when
we launched the Roller Babies, Evian goes global. Laurent: We don’t want to go for a functional
benefit, we want this brand to become a love brand. Remi: And this was possible thanks to YouTube.
All of a sudden, people could share this emotion everywhere in the world. Michael: What we know how to do really well
or we’re getting there, I think, is creating the greatest content and making it very fluid
on the web so it reaches millions. Remi: We wanted to launch this globally on
YouTube, then use TV. Michael: I think the new product which is
the true view system where you’re not imposing, you are making the ad visible, but people
can opt to stop after five seconds is to me probably the greatest way to advertise on
the web. Remi: It took off like a rocket. Michael: On the Baby and Me we have more than
five percent shares on the video which has first raised the number of views. Remi: After a week we knew we would go much
further than with the Roller Babies that went already very far. Michael: We even reached 17 million views
with copies that were not the one’s we designed. They had changed the music. I even saw one
with the Harlem shake recently. This is not advertising, this is an entertainment program.
There is a tension exactly like in a movie trailer, there’s enchantment, there’s music,
there’s sound, there’s optimism. It’s a very open message. Laurent: People attribute this to Evian because
they love that campaign and they want to know who did it. Remi: It worked so well that we generated
a huge success with an app that we created in parallel where people could create their
own baby. Create an idea that people will want to play with, that’s really fabulous
and that’s what YouTube allows you to do. Michael: Choosing YouTube is a no-brainer.
We are into permission marketing and what YouTube enables you to do is make the great
contents available to everyone.

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