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Google My Business & Google Ads: Native Child

Google My Business & Google Ads: Native Child

SONTO POOE: Native Child is a
plant-based hair care and body care brand. I felt like there wasn’t
anything on the market, really, that spoke to my
needs as an African woman. I wanted to create a brand that
someone that looked like me can identify with
and immediately go, oh, wow, so this is for me. We have grown quite a
bit from when we started. It was a team of three. We are about 14
employees at the moment. Google has enabled us
to reach more clients. They’re able to find
out where we are. They’re able to
go to our website, so it’s increased our
revenue by about 20% and increased our
online presence as well. Because of Insights, you are
able to see what campaigns worked, what didn’t. And you just get that
feedback of how much you spent and how much of that was
a return on investment. Google My Business is
great in that we’re able to get feedback
from our customers and they can get to know
the spirit of the company. It gives it that personal touch. It just keeps that
engagement going, and they feel like
they’re part of us. It is exciting to see this
little baby of a company that came out of South Africa
is now all over the world. Google is definitely
assisting us in becoming that global brand
that I’ve dreamt of being.

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