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Google Display Network Tutorial – Google Display Ads Tutorial

Google Display Network Tutorial – Google Display Ads Tutorial

Hello, Google Display Network is a
goldmine for advertisers, business owners, professionals, or anyone who wishes to
advertise their business or products on the GDN. But the problem is most people
running ads on GDN, are running it the wrong way and are wasting a ton of
budget. In this short video I’m going to show you a tip which takes only 30
seconds to implement, but is going to save you a lot of money to make your
campaigns a lot more profitable and giving you more return on your
investment, so keep watching and I’ll show you how. Hello I’m Uzair and thanks for joining
in. This short video is all about Google Display Network, as you may know that
it’s a huge network of over 2 million high quality websites where Google can
place your ads. The ads can be in the shape of image ads, banner ads, video ads, or responsive ads. There are so many ways and places you can place your ads
on the GDN that it is very easy to waste away your budget, and most advertisers
aren’t getting the results which they are looking for on the GDN and they give
up after a little while because they feel that they are wasting their
hard-earned cash and not getting anything out of the GDN. So in
this video I’m going to show you a little tip as to how you can save a ton
of money. So let’s go into our AdWords interface. Okay so once you are in your
campaign setup what you need to do is to go to your placements tab and then click
on the exclusions tab, and in here we are going to exclude a couple of places
where we do not want our ads to show through, because this is where the
majority of the budget is wasted. So you click on the Add button and then I’m
going to click on enter multiple placements. So all you need to do is add
these two websites at appspot.com and adcentsformobileapps.com.
Then click Add to placements you’ll see both of them on the right-hand window
and you save it. So what this is going to do is it’s not going to put up any of your
ads on the mobile apps and this is where a lot of your ads show through and
people click them on accidents kids playing games or apps and they see you ads and from my personal experience and also a
lot of AdWords gurus and experts will say the same thing that you save a lot
of money if you don’t advertise your products or services on on these two
places, unless you are specifically targeting apps then it’s a different
matter, but from my personal experience you don’t want to be advertising over
here and just by putting these two will save you about 70 to 80 percent of your
budget going to waste and it is a huge saving, it literally takes 30 seconds to
put in and once it’s put in there you don’t need to do anything else. The other
thing which I will also tell you is when you ads are running as this is a test
account there is no data in here, so when you start to run ads you see data you go
to where ads showed and you see a list of websites and URLs in here, and if you
find that any of the websites or web pages are wasting budget and you’re
not getting any conversions or clicks or whatever the metric which you are
looking to get out of your campaigns and it’s not performing for you, copy it from
here go to the exclusions and start excluding them so over a period of time
you’re going to have a lot of websites in here. So these exclusions act as a
kind of like negative keywords but as negative websites so you don’t want your
ads to show through where you are not getting any results.
And that is how you save a lot of money on GDN, and over a period of time you’re
going to see that your performance of your campaigns are improving ,you are
getting better returns, higher conversion rates, lower cost per acquisition and all
the metrics will be going in the right direction.
So to recap, all you need to do is to start with exclusions of these two
placements and then keep on adding more placements where you don’t want your ads
to to be shown on the GDN. So that’s it for this video, I hope you enjoyed it and if
you would like to see similar videos like this one then, put it in the comment
box below and I’ll do my best to create one for you. I wish you all the best for
your campaigns and I look forward to seeing you in my other videos. Bye for now.

7 thoughts on “Google Display Network Tutorial – Google Display Ads Tutorial

  1. Excellent video sir. This will be a great help.. Just wanted to know in which websites I should place my ads if my business is of plant selling in India. Any suggestions will do..

  2. My account data don't have those two website (adsenseformobileapps.com & appspot.com) , do I still need to exclude those two website ? please let me know , many thanks

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