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Google Announces Location Extensions for Display Ads

Google Announces Location Extensions for Display Ads

In case you missed it, last week, Google announced that they will be adding location extensions to eligible display ads. So what does this mean for you? Local businesses who create ads on Google’s Display Network could show viewers photos, business hours and location if the location extensions are enabled and Google determines that your ad is eligible. And since adwords display ads appear on more than 2 million websites and 650,000 apps, this is kind of a big deal. For example, if a consumer is browsing a website that serves ads from Google’s Display Network, they might see your ad with what looks like a smaller version of your local listing. This will have a map as well as links to call you get directions or visit your website. This ad option is available in the ad gallery of Google AdWords. To be eligible for this type of ad, you’ll need to link your Google My Business account to your AdWords account and enable location extensions. Hey everybody, thanks for watching our video! We’re sure there’s going to be some more updates on this, so stay tuned for that. We’ll bring you all the latest information as we get it. In the meantime subscribe to our YouTube channel and maybe click some of these links up here and check out some of the other great content that we have for you. Click.

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