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Google Adwords vs Google Ads

Google Adwords vs Google Ads

Hi Mike Mancini with PPCVideoTraining.com. I’m not going to give an introduction as far
as what we’re going to discuss, or anything like that. We are talking about Google Adwords versus
Google Ads. I still get the question a lot. They are the same thing. Back in July of 2018, Google Adwords rebranded
themselves to become Google Ads. And some of you might still be confused because
maybe if you haven’t looked in there in a long time, they changed the interface as well. When you log in, the home screen is a lot
different, and they moved things around quite a bit. So, it might seem like a completely different
product. It is obviously more advanced, it is better. But they are, essentially, the same thing. So when you see videos of me talking about
Google Ads, or Google Adwords, I still call them “Google Adwords” sometimes, because it
was that for 20 years, or almost 20 years. You just know that we’re talking about the
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