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Google adwords vs facebook ads, whats better?

Google adwords vs facebook ads, whats better?

It’s one of those questions where the answer
is, “It depends.” The biggest thing about advertising online
is to find your target market. Google AdWords or Facebook, they are just
two different ways of reaching your customers. You need to understand exactly who your customers
are and where they hang out. You might find out that actually most of your
customers hang out on Facebook, and you might want to use Facebook Ads. You might find out that most people actually
search on Google to find your products, and you might find that Google AdWords is better. You really have to take them as different
tools to target your customers, and test them, and see which one works better. For most advertisers, they’ll find that Google
AdWords is better, because they can actually target the people as they are searching for
their products and services. There’s an intention there. Whereas Facebook, people might not be as specifically
looking for whatever it is that you want to sell them. They might just be hanging out to talk with
their friends and look at pictures. It might not convert as well for you, but
it’s always worth actually testing it out.

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