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Google adwords vs Facebook ads (2018) The secret!

Google adwords vs Facebook ads (2018) The secret!

Hello You have to perceive that is the different philosophy of displaying ads on Facebook than Google. The difference is in the user’s thinking which is using one the platform in that moment. Videlicet what do I mean by that? I Mean that on facebook the user enters to relax, to Communicate with friends and acquaintances, and be informed, for example, what happens at his country or all over the world. It does a Social Approach. Hence these words (Social Approach) that classifies Facebook on social media. Nevertheless its logic for Google is completely different. The Google user he’s looking to find something that interests him. Search with specific keywords which Google’s algorithm tries to reach out with precision in order that to show it the right kind of ads. For example, you are looking for cheap mobile phone? The relevant ad group ads are immediately displayed. Advice: Facebook advertising must be informative and not just a ดดColdดด selling. Let’s give an example now. If on Facebook platform you want to create an ad in style, ‘’Here at our store you will find the cheapest mobile phones on the market’’ Your ad will have little response from the public because it does blackmail the prospective client to do something when he wants to relax. You could very well write it as follows… ‘’Find out why we have the cheapest mobile phones on the market’’ but it should be accompanied by a smart and well-structured text, so motivate his interest to click your ad and finish reading all the ad text on your Landing page. I hope you understood the main difference between the two major competitors on the Internet. They offer their services for advertising to individuals and businesses. And you could find it This video I estimate is useful and any other query write your comment below. Thank You

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