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Google AdWords Tutorial 2019 | Step-By-Step Google Ads Tutorial For Beginners | Shopify Dropshipping

Google AdWords Tutorial 2019 | Step-By-Step Google Ads Tutorial For Beginners | Shopify Dropshipping

Everyone in today’s video. I’m gonna teach you how to make a Google Ads campaign for beginners completely from scratch. Let’s go Step 1 create a Google Ads account Okay, so you need to make a Google account in order to be out of market on Google? it’s that simple and Shopify actually provide us with a 20 a coupon code that if once we spend $25 we get $75 in credit There’s a link there and there will be a length of this file in the description Below just go there it will on your store have a link there you just follow get the coupon code throw it in our Google ads and there you go that will unlock so you actually get $75 free credit on Google which is perfect to start off with when when you do make it I suggest you skip all their Initial setup. Okay, that’s pretty self-explanatory You just make an account. It’s going to ask for all your personal details and just skip all of that Ok, there’s nothing to worry about with any of that Okay, once you’ve gone through the initial setup, you’re going to land on this screen, which is the Google Ads interface Okay, it’s really important that you understand. This is where you run all your ads Google have multiple products Google Analytics Google 360 Google Fire Google Merchant Center And we’re gonna be going into the Merchant Center at a moment. But everything all your ads ran through Google ads Okay, it took me a while to understand that concept because Google have a lot of sub products, okay? I need you to understand that everyone are with Facebook You have your pixel and integrate your pixel and then it’s all just through one simple interface whereas Google have different interfaces for different things and it confuses a lot of people and it puts off a lot of people to begin with because it’s considered a much harder platform to understand and Market to and also it takes a lot longer I want you to understand that it takes a lot longer for a reason The thing is with Google is once you can get Google to a certain point then it’s actually mainly hands-off Facebook is very much hands-on. Okay, whereas Google is very much hands-off So you’re going to end up on this screen and you’re going to have different types of campaigns And I’m going to show you now what we do next Which is in the Google Merchant Center on how to then make a Merchant Center and then link it to Google Ad Step to create a Google Merchant Center account so a Google Merchant Center account is needed because we’re going to be pushing our entire catalogue of products like a Shopify sales channel to their okay where we can manage them and set them up so Things that we can set up and manage is things like taxes shipping We also have our dynamic remarketing ads because that’s where our catalog is. That’s something that’s only gonna be in my course It’s very detailed and any other errors or policy violations so practically policy violations Trademarks, they might not Google has very specific requirements to actually market on their platform it’s not like with a Google Facebook one where you basically uploaded by a flex afire or the Facebook sales channel and it uploads Google are very specific with the types of products that they allow on their platform Especially on Google Shopping. Okay, so you make a Google Shopping Merchant Center account there Okay, and then I’m gonna show you this in a second I’m I use the Google Shopping feed app, which is $4.99 and then it cost an extra I could think it’s $2 per country okay, so they charge because the way Google Google Shopping works is that you send your shopping feed to a different country and every country You have to set your taxes. You have to set your shipping and the Google Shopping feed basically is allows us to push it to the our feed quickly and easily because the the free one is actually so buggy and it is Counterproductive and it’s not really useful Okay, and I want to also add I absolutely love the team that support the Google Shopping feed app They’re pretty much on the same level as the SMS bump team Most most teams for the various apps aren’t that great? Okay, but I found that this team is fantastic You can even schedule actual calls with them which I’ve done myself, which is absolutely fantastic They’ve helped me fix issues understand things and it’s not even within the realm of what that really does is Actually just asking them how to do marketing questions. So yeah actually and they’re they’re actual experts. They’re certified experts So that’s why I love this like five bucks a month. You actually get a certified expert Or team of experts with so many helpful guides. Okay. I really want to give a big shout out to them I am absolutely amazed by how good their team is. Okay, and it also integrates just a little note with being as well So I’m doing more so King Bing dynamic ads and various other Bing shopping campaigns Okay, so I’m gonna show you this app right now and then I’m going to show you the merchant setup So here’s the actual app here the Google shopping feed app and it’s fantastic Okay, absolutely. Fantastic the team that support it lovely. That’s 21 free day trial It’s awesome. It can also do the Google conversion tracking code for you as well Okay, so that’s a bit of a slight cost extra thing It’s a one-off but it can do the actual conversion tracking for you because once you’re running your campaigns Again, it’s not like Facebook where you put in a pixel in. Google is pretty different Okay, um, it’s really important that you actually understand that so it can actually do the Google conversion tracking for you Which is super cool. I absolutely love that. So I highly recommend doing that Once you’ve been made your Google Merchant Center account The next step is you have to verify and claim your actual domain and you do that bio meta tag I’m going to show you a shop fire URL on how to do that. It’s really easy You just go into your theme got liquid code copy a meta tag. Just below your header Code and then verify in your DUP. Okay, and I’ll show you that in a moment The other part you need to do is you go into account linking focus now We also need to link it to our Google Ads account. Okay, and so you request to actually link it Alright, and so you just go link putting your Google Ads ID. Okay. So up in the top right above your name It’ll be a Google Ads ID put that in click link and then give it one to two minutes Google Ads is then going to pick that up. It’ll ask you, you know, do you want to accept this link? Yes There you go and then it’s linked and then it takes about I Find up to 24 hours for your shopping feed from Merchant Center to push in the Google Ads for you to make your first campaign Okay, so it is a bit of a process and it’s really important They understand this and I also should add once you’ve made you Google Merchant Center and you’ve got your Google Shopping feed in place it Takes it can take up to a week just for your actual products to even be reviewed go through a review process to be approved To even market on Google Apps. Okay. So what I always recommend is get this done do your Facebook Ads and Basically, let this go for about a week and then they should be approved It’s really important to understand that it’s not a five-second thing again It’s not like Facebook and that’s what puts a lot of people off But I want you to know this up front so that you’re not left out in the wind. Hey, Ryan Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial on Google shopping ads. Don’t forget to subscribe and hear that notification barrel Give me a like and comment down below crash it to go in the competition to win a 15 minute critical of myself Okay, if we get 30 comments, then the competition will go ahead Congratulations to last videos winners Your names will be shown up on screen Comment down below and I’m going to contact you and we’ll get in touch and have a 15-minute coaching call. Let’s go So before we get into the last part of this I wanted to show you this page. This is a Shopify page It’s in the PowerPoint. Okay, so make sure to have a look at this in the PowerPoint This is going to teach you how to actually verify your domain. So see how here you got a meta name Okay meta tag You need to copy this meta tag in your theme liquid so literally go in your store edit code Theme liquid a but just below your first head tag. Just paste it in there You’re gonna have a unique one from your Google Merchant Center go verify domain and you’re done. That is it? Okay And then your Merchant Center has been claimed your products are going to take about up to about a week for them to go through A review process and then get approved and then we can make our Google first Google shopping campaign All right, I’m gonna head step 4 make your first shopping campaign does skip step 3, but I wanted to leave in there So whatever. Okay. So now we have the bare bones Okay, so we’ve actually gone through and we’ve done the bare bones in order to make a campaign Alright, there’s a lot more to it than this though So when you can now make a google shopping standard campaign we sent to your own state if I start in the United States and we choose the merchant feed we set our bidding budget as manual of 80 cents Okay And then we leave it up to Google to start marketing the products and I just want you to understand again like with the merchants A super important that you understand that google shopping campaigns take three to five days to start getting anywhere I’m I fine about three days minimum and I recommend twenty dollars a day. So It’s it’s not like Facebook where you set $20 and it’s going to pretty much spend that twenty dollars Google on the first day may be spent like 50 cents and then second day might spend like three dollars then the third I’d spend $5.00 and then the fourth day it might actually spend $15, okay The reason is the the Google takes a lot longer for the algorithm to start actually marketing your product Okay, it takes longer for it to understand because remember Facebook you’re targeting interest Google. It’s targeting keywords it needs to find those keywords and it’ll start getting impressions and then it’ll start getting clicks because remember once you understand Facebook is based on impressions. So you’re playing per impression Google is based on clicks so you can have a million impressions But if you have one click you only go to pay for that one click. Okay, and so Google takes time all right, and that’s why Google is a more a Matz game than Facebook where Facebook’s more an engagement game Whereas Google is more a math game. Okay, it’s all just numbers playing with guns and it just takes time So I just want you to understand that and I’m gonna show you how to make your first campaign right now So at this point you should have a Google Ads account a Google merchant account Your Google merchant account is verified and your actual products have been pushed there by the Google Shopping campaign Shopping feed pardon me and you should have your conversion tracking setup, which you can do within the app as well All right, and so now we’re actually going to make our campaign So we go we go shopping campaigns we go new campaign It actually doesn’t matter where we do it we go sales we go shopping and then it’s going to show our shopping feed here by default Okay, so that’s when you know that it’s all there and it’s going to use that feed of all the approved products That can be displayed on the Google Shopping campaign Network That we’re going to actually use. Okay, we go standard shopping and we go next and we choose our country We choose our country and we go continue All right, and when it loads I’ve gotta love this give it a name. So I just call it testing ground all store And we want to go manual CPC. So there’s I can go into an entire discussion about the different types of bidding strategies Google is very specific with the different types of strategies at the end of the day we want profit and when you start out with no conversions you I find that manual CPC or EC PC work So if you have this on that’s ECBC if you have an antique, it’s manual CPC alright, and so I start with manual CPC and then after I get like four or five conversions I’ll just turn on ECBC because I’ve gotten some conversions. So then we set a daily budget of $20 The delivery method is standard. We want to leave that the campaign priority is low We want to basically leave that on as it is. We want to leave the country United States We want to choose the start date as today’s date And no end date. We want product shopping. We don’t want showcase. I’ve never done that. I’ve just want a product shopping We give an ad group name cuz you’re gonna have so every campaign and then you have your ad group okay, so you gotta understand the difference and By the way, I just realized if I talk really fast like I am now not my fault. Alright, so if we go ad, Group one and so this is where I said that we said that $0.80 bid, so I just got 80 cent It doesn’t actually spend that much most a time mostly the time something I spend about Fifty sixty cents. Okay. That’s what’s good about the Google Shopping Network right now. It’s actually very cheap clicks Alright, so that’s really important to understand. So we go save and We’re done. Okay. Can you see how much easier that is the Facebook? I really want to understand that. Google is Upfront a very hard tool to understand but you can see once we’ve done all those steps How quick was that to make a campaign? And I’m not joking when you go and optimize the campaign It’s all just looking at data because remember it’s not so much about a video It’s more so much about you know, the click-through rates and impressions all of that Okay, so I just really want you to understand So now you have made your first Google Ads campaign that concludes today’s tutorial on how to make your first Google ads campaign I hope you did enjoy it Don’t forget to Like share subscribe and comment down below crush it to go in the competition to win one of two 15-minute coaching calls of myself Rickey Hayes announced in the next video and don’t forget as well I also do have plenty of free information now below the slides are down and I’ve got some other exciting stuff coming as well I am gonna be releasing new course updates A lot of people been contacting me about mentoring in that as well Which has just been blowing my mind and I’m loving where the channel is growing and and it’s going is really exciting I’m trying to improve every aspect to it and give you all as much better as possible So I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Thanks

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    Ricky, google ads are good for scale up the shop, Right?
    google ad is not easier to start a new shop

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    Edit: btw not even 6 hours after our call and only 10 bucks ad spend i got a sale for 30 bucks profit ads up for only 2 days XD. Thanks man

  3. Need to get 40 comments of CRUSHIT before the competition goes ahead. Comment below otherwise it won't happen.

  4. Ricky, do you think upsells lower your conversion rate? since I've added upsells I get a lot add to carts but low purchases

  5. Thanks dude for these informations but i just wanna Ask u a QS . After creating an shopping ad CM . How we ad the KeyWords. And how i Can add a specifique prodoct i'am confused about that . Can you plz explain 🙂

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  7. Thanks Ricky.

    I did what you say in your video. I started with a product feed.

    I have identified a winning product because I achieved the first 3 sales. This product is now in a single campaign with high priority. How to optimize now? I've been campaigning for 5 days, I started with the complete feed, but what has been spent so far in advertising almost triples the 3 first sales that I made.

    Any suggestions for optimization?

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