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Google AdWords Tutorial 2018: How To Create Ads For A/B Split Testing

Google AdWords Tutorial 2018: How To Create Ads For A/B Split Testing

Hi everyone, it’s Sean from Vixen Digital
here. We help you to get the right clicks. so today I’ve got a really quick video
for you I’m going to show you how to add some ad variations in your account to
help you do some split testing so stay tuned all of this coming right up okay
let’s get started so I’m gonna start off by opening a Google Chrome I said the
browser I’m going to be using today and I’ve got myself a little AdWords
bookmark in the bookmarks bar which might be something useful you can add to
your and bookmarks bar just to help you navigate to AdWords a little bit easier
so once I’m in AdWords I am going to be using the same account that I created in
a previous video and as you can see I’ve just got we can ignore this today this
is just a little warning at the top asking me to add my billing information
which I haven’t done yet so this is something that you can do by going to
the little spanner and go to billing and payments ok so on with the video and on
with the ads so I’m going to be adding some ad variations to this ad group here
so pizza takeaway okay so I just get on my a cruise very very quickly you can
see that I’ve got a pizza takeaway okay these are my two Ad groups and as we
showed in the last video these actually have one keyword per a group so I’m
going to go over to ads and extensions and it adds in extensions if you if
you’ve just got all of them selected you’ll see all of the ads that you’ve
got available to you but if I go and select the a group that I want to work
on and then we’ll see that I’ve only got one ad currently running so the best
practice and what Google advises us to do is actually run a variation of ads so
we can run a variation of ads and perform a split test or a be testing
this means that we can test different messages and different messaging with
within our ads in order to be able to further optimize the performance of our
ads and and and to try and improve our ads performance entry to improve
click-through rate and other aspects that you can so if I go to if I want to
add an extra add as we can see here then I go to this little plus symbol and I’m
going to add another text ad now we’ve already got all of this automatically
filled in for us from our previous ad so the best way to perform split testing is
to change one element of your ad so that’s how we can conduct a very
accurate and reliable test because if we were to change everything and we just
had a totally different ad then we wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the exact
specific element that actually changes or has an impact on the ads performance
or has an impact on the click-through rate for example so in this circumstance
I’m just going to change the headline too so let’s put a different variation
of the headline to it so let’s say home eight beats London so now we’ve got
homemade pizza London and I’m going to leave everything else exactly the same
and I’m going to save this new ad so now we can see that we’ve got two ads that
are running one of them is best pizza in London and one of them is homemade pizza
London so what we are going to test here is the headline – so if this ad after
we’ve gathered enough data if this ad is performing better by
looking at our metrics then we can get rid of this ad and we can perform
perform another test however what Google wants us to do in the best practice for
Google is that we have to add another ad so another variation Google particularly
likes it when you’ve got three separate ad variations running at the same time
so I’m going to conduct another test on the headline – and this one can be free
delivery free delivery London okay
I’m gonna save this new ad so now we should have yes we have three different
ads with three different headline twos so after conducting a split test and get
gathering as much data so as gathering as many impressions as possible we can
then start to see which of these ads is going to perform the best okay so once
we have enough data and we’ve can and we can conducted a split test we can then
decide to either conduct the same split test again on with different variations
of the headline – or we can go on to another aspect of the ad so in the
future we could then for instance if just for just for this particular
example I’m just going to go back to my ad groups I’m just going to go to the
other a group I’ve got with a broad match modifier and I’m going to click on
the ads so in the future we could conduct a different split test by
actually changing to see changing the description to see which description
works best so over time we can start to optimize and perfect our ads to get the
best results possible okay so thanks for listening today thanks for dropping by
stay tuned for more videos and I hope this helps

3 thoughts on “Google AdWords Tutorial 2018: How To Create Ads For A/B Split Testing

  1. I found Ad Variations in All Campaigns > Drafts & Experiments > Ad Variations…

    Why didn't you go that route? Your description says, "Learn how to start split testing and optimising your ads by creating Google AdWords ad variations."

    Can you clarify?

  2. Hi Vixen Digital, I created 2 variations of an original ad and my experiment didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. Spending only $5 a day and after creating the experiment ads the next day, the control recieved 3k more impressions than both my experiments put together. My two experiments recieved 141 and 13 impressions which isn't very actionable. Are there any tools to tips to equally distribute my ad impressions?

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