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Google AdWords: Text Campaign Tips | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Google AdWords: Text Campaign Tips | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Here are few tips for
creating a text campaign. First you really want to highlight
what makes your company stand out. Why are you unique? Include prices, promotions,
or other exclusives. People often do searches because they
want to make a decision about something. Now if they’re trying to decide what to
do with their dog while they’re away, let’s help them make that choice. Don’t forget a call to action. Tell a customer what they can
do to get what you’re offering. Like sign up today,
book your first visit, things like that. Don’t forget about your keywords. Be sure to include your
keywords in your ad to show how relevant you
are to their search. For example, if they’re searching for earn extra income, our headline
could be earn income by dog sitting. We’re going to talk about keywords
more later in the lesson. Your ad needs to match
your landing page. You want to make sure that customers can
easily find what they are looking for, and see the relevance of your ad. Also this relevancy will help you
later with your SEO performance, it’ll help influence your ad placement. Think about it from your
customer’s perspective. If they want to come to your site
because you’re offering a two month free subscription, don’t make them look for
it. Get them in and hooked right away. And finally experiment,
run a few different ad groups and different types of ads. See which ones perform the best. You can track your messaging and figure
out what ads are going to be best for you and your customers. Okay, now I want you to
create your own campaign. Fill in the blanks below for an ad that
you would run for your own company.

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