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Google AdWords Success Story: Carolina Rustica

Google AdWords Success Story: Carolina Rustica

is Richard Sexton. I am the President and Founder
of Carolina Rustica. And this is my wife, Cheryl, and
my daughter, Claire, and Magoo, the parrot. This is our warehouse
and call center. I had an overseas position for
about two years, and it was very exciting. I mean, flying over all
different capitals, and feeling like you’re a
hotshot executive. Two or three years into it,
I was just kind of sitting there, looking out my window,
looking at the traffic go by, saying, this is not going
to be my future. And I don’t care if what I try
to do doesn’t work, I just have to try and do it. CHERYL SEXTON: I was in medical
school at the time, so it was kind of big deal
to take a year off. But he convinced me it was
worthwhile, and an opportunity we’d never have again. RICHARD SEXTON: We were in
Nepal, and we were at the Tibetan refugee camps, looking
at the handicrafts there. I thought, this would
be a great thing to sell in the States. It was really kind of one of
those mountaintop moments. I started importing these
Tibetan handicrafts directly from the refugee camps. We opened our Adwords
account 2002. It was really just an explosion
of our business, growing on average
about 50% a year. And as we brought in new
suppliers, and focused on new key words that we wanted
to manage, we just grew the campaigns. CHERYL SEXTON: It’s
been exciting. It’s just happened so quickly. And, you know, to go from
basically out of our house when it started. MALE SPEAKER: So the other day,
I shipped a total of 186 packages in one day. A lot. RICHARD SEXTON: We use the
entire suite of Google products, both internally
and externally. Adwords, and Analytics,
and Google Checkout. Analytics has got a lot
of different options. A lot of tools to sort of track
each individual visitor to the site. And lets you manipulate, not
only your web pages, but also your Adwords campaigns, and kind
of work the two together. Checkout has been a great
addition, because there was instant credibility with the
customers because of the Google name. And it’s very easy to use. It’s rapidly become the fastest
alternative payment method with our customers. Life is too short to spend
doing something that you don’t like. You need to leave your
cell phone home every once in a while.

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