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Google AdWords: Structure of a Campaign | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Google AdWords: Structure of a Campaign | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Setting up an AdWords campaign
can be pretty simple. You start by creating your ad settings, then writing what your
offer is in the ad. Next, choose the keywords you want
people to use when they’re searching for your ad. Then set your daily budget and bidding. Just those few steps,
you’re ready to go live. However, before you do this you’re
going to need to set up your overall account settings. Now when you’re doing this, be sure to check out
the instructions on how to do it. Once you set your country and your currency,
you’re unable to go back and change it. So after you complete your settings,
you can make your ad campaign. Your ad campaign is built
out by different ad groups. Each ad group has its own ad,
keywords, and bids. And all these share the same budget,
location targeting, timing, and settings. Different campaigns can help you
organize categories of your products or your services that you offer. And when your starting the campaign, you’re going to need to
customize your settings. These settings include
things like location, languages, bidding strategy,
budget, ad extensions. Things like that. Google has a ton of documentation
on each one of these settings that you could check out. There’s a link in
the instructor note for this. But don’t worry, you can adjust your
bid strategy or budgeting at any time. Actually, not only can you do this,
you’re really encouraged to do it, so that way you can optimize your campaign
regularly, based on the performance of an ad group or even the individual
ad and the keywords that you have. So once your keyword’s in place, you can
start creating your add group structure. So from the top level, you’re going
to start with your account, which is connected to your user name, email
address, password, and billing info. You can have various
campaigns under one account that are going to share
the same general settings. And from there you can have ad groups
nested under a simple campaign. We’re going to title our first campaign
customer acquisition promo offer because we’re going to offer new members
to a of 15% off coupon and later. We can set up different campaigns that
are going to run at the same time to achieve different goals. So we may want to do brand awareness or
a special campaign for the holidays or summer vacations based on the
seasonality we noticed in Google Trends. The first ad group is
going to be dog owners and the second ad group is
going to be dog sitters. We’ve separated these out because
we want different ads and different messaging for
our different groups. Our dog sitters may want
to hear about the extra income they’re going to receive. On the other hand, our dog owners may
want to hear about the luxury we offer, or the safe environment we’re offering
their dogs, while they’re away. And from there,
we’re going to develop our ads and different keywords that are specific for
each group.

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