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Google Adwords Optimization Day #3 – Negative Keywords

Google Adwords Optimization Day #3 – Negative Keywords

– [Narrator] Mike Mancini here, with ppcvideotraining.com. Thanks so much for joining us again. Today we are talking about
Google Adwords Optimization, week number one, day number three. Now previously we’ve gone
into different keywords, checking the keywords that are eligible. We’ve also taken a look at our settings. But today, another thing I
want you to take a look at, that really can make a huge impact on what’s happening in your account is negative keywords. So when you’re here at your campaign, click on the campaign name, then click on Keywords and then I want you to
click on Search Terms. I’m gonna click on Search Terms again. Now here are the search terms that people have typed in, within
your date specification. So we just have the last 30 days. This is a new account
for a roofing company. And I want to show you
exactly what happens. It really happens with roofing companies because there are a lot
of people who have them. There’s a lot of one and two man shops, there are a lot of people that advertise and it just gets very concentrated, very expensive to advertise. And I want to show you what can happen. Like I said, we just
took this account over. And we see here, somebody typed in Central Roofing Company. That’s not the name of this business. Roofing companies in Kansas, this is actually in Minnesota. Let’s see, American Roofing Exteriors, that’s not the name,
Anselmo is not the name, Bear Roofing is not the name, Bjorkstrand, so you get the idea. One of the key words in this campaign happens to be right here,
roofing or roofing companies. And you can see, Central Roofing Company or right here, it’s got a
broad match keyword modifier. So if somebody types in, American Roofing, that brings it up. So what I want you to do is, you need to go through this, especially with new campaigns or campaigns that have never been touched. You really need to go through
this with a fine tooth comb. What I do is, I will
take all of the keywords that I do not want my ad showing up for and I will add them here in
just a little Notepad file. So I’ve gone through all these. You can see Horizon,
Mantrap, Petersen Brother, let’s see, roof certification letter, we don’t want it showing up for that. Staplers Para Roofing, Sunrise Roofing, Janson Platt, so these are all things we do not want our ad showing up for because as you can see,
sometimes the average cost per click is running $22.41, $23, $16.51. This can be a very expensive campaign to be running ads in. We want to make sure our
ads are very targeted. You want to take all those keywords and you want to open
up your Adwords editor. And you want to open up the
account you’re working on and click on Keywords Negative. Click on Make Multiple Choices or Make Multiple Changes. When this screen shows up, you can use Use selected destinations. Add as campaign-level negative keywords and make sure you click on your campaign. Change this to Keyword and copy all of these keywords here and paste them right there and click on Process. So what it’s done, it’s
taken the negative keywords, it’s added 20 of them, it skipped 22. And the reason it skipped 22 is these are 22 that we found a couple weeks ago and it’s already been added
so it’s just skipping those. Finish and review changes. You can keep those. And then you would just post your changes. And you’ve added those negative keywords now to your campaign. But what I would do is,
I would go through this probably once a week, especially if you’re spending a lot of money or the
cost per click is expensive. There’s nothing worse than
a client calling you up and saying, I’ve spend $1,000 and I haven’t seen anything
and then you go in here and you realize, he spent $1,000 because people are looking for Central Roofing or roofing companies in Kansas or you know, other companies
that doesn’t match their name. That’s obviously something
that’s very concerning to them and it will definitely cost you a client if you don’t keep up with it. So once a week, just make sure
that you go through those. Now as time passes, you will not have to add as many but it’s something
definitely to keep an eye on. All right, hope that helps. We’ll see you next time. So thanks so much for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please like it or subscribe to our channel or if you know of someone
this video could help, please take a quick second
and share it with them. Or if you’d be interested in us having a take a look at your
account and help you out, please get ahold of us
at ppcvideotraining.com or ManciniDigital.com. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. Do you have any negative keyword tips that you can share? If so, please leave them in the comments below to share with others. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. My adsense account is verfied 7days ago and my alsmost 80 persent visitor from usa and uk but i not any single money from these countries why? Please reply

  3. Hey your content is amazing. Can you help me ? I have 80 products in my shopify. including variants its like 400. I am using google shopping sales channel. I have all products with less than 70 letters in title. but in merchant center it says title longer than it should be. Why merchant center automatically increasing titles by adding variant size and color ? This error is in 300 products.contacted google support and shopify too but nothing solved. I am tired. Note: i can not use any paid apps till 50 orders as my store is Developer store. Plz do the needful. Thank you

  4. Thank you for your video! I'm not sure whether to add all other brands as negative keywords is good? As some of them do bring sales (but not much), and our cpc is not very high like yours. What do you think, which way is the best solution regarding keywords including competitor's brand name? thanks

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