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Google Adwords New Interface 2018

Google Adwords New Interface 2018

Google is rolling out a brand new
AdWords interface and by 2018 everyone who is using AdWords will have this new
AdWords interface so in this video I’m going to show you how to set up a brand
new campaign in the new interface hello my name is Uzair and thanks for joining
in so this is the new AdWords interface if you haven’t seen it yet you will get
one very soon and by early 2018 everybody will be on this new interface
whether you like it or not that’s besides the point but this is here to
stay my first initial reaction to this is I personally don’t like changes so
I’m not used to it right now but eventually it’s growing on me and I
quite like the clean feel and look of the new interface and it’s growing on me
so you can go back to the old interface because some of the features are not on
the new one yet and they should rowlock rollout very soon but let’s show you how
to set up a brand new campaign in the new interface so all you do is before we
start the campaign let me show you how the interface is laid out so you’ve got
all the usual links and buttons on the left hand side campaign ad groups and so
on and whenever you want to create a new ad campaign or add a new keyword the
plus sign gets clicked and you will open up a new window but before I do that let
me go on to the top right hand corner and these three little dots open up a
submenu where you have all your keyword planner so the display planner is not
here at the moment as you can see shared library we’ve got all the bulk actions
the conversions analytics and obviously you’re set up one thing which a lot of
people are freaking out by at the moment is this message which is popping up on
in everybody’s account that the daily budgets now have more flexibility and to
help you hit your advertising goals like clicks and conversions your
campaigns can now spend up to twice your average daily budget don’t freak out
because your overall monthly budget will not go over the limits if you’ve got a
monthly budget in mind don’t stress and freak out that oh my
god I’m going to spend more than double my budget
Google won’t do that and if they do then you won’t get charged so nothing to
worry about it’s just that if Google finds that some of your clicks can get
more conversions on a particular day then they are going to let the
campaign’s running which is good for you as well as for Google so I wouldn’t
worry too much about it okay so let’s go and create a new campaign so I click on
the plus button you got your five different campaign tabs search display
shopping video and for the apps so we’re gonna concentrate on the search campaign
for this video click on that then what you want to do visit your website or get
someone to express interest on your website by on your website or call your
business in this video we’re going to concentrate on the search Network and
I’m gonna click on here which is the express interest on your website you
enter your business website address but that’s optional but I’m gonna enter it continue okay then you name your
campaign I’m just gonna call this test okay now I personally uncheck these
buttons because when I am running a search campaign I only want the ad to go
on the Google search page and not on the Google search partners neither on the
Google Display Network this is quite important especially the second one a
lot of people include this within the same campaign if you do want to run a
text campaign on the GDN then I would highly recommend that you set up a brand
new campaign or a different campaign to the search campaign so you will have two
campaigns running one for the search Network and one for the GTN always
uncheck that because you will have a lot more flexibility when it comes to
bidding and placement as well okay now depending on where you want to show your
ads I’m just going to enter it my local radius around 5-mile radius of where we
are okay now I can say that I’m happy with
that language is obviously English now you have the choice for the bidding I
always start with a manual CPC and I uncheck the enhanced CPC button as well
daily budget could be anything it could be ten pounds or five pounds or twenty
pounds per day it depends on you delivery method I tend to keep it as
standard because I don’t want all the budget to be used up early part of the
day and my ads won’t show across the whole day so I’m gonna keep it standard
a start date which is today I don’t tend to certain and it but if it is a very
specific time specific campaign then sure you can enter it so if you were
running a campaign for let’s say Christmas or it will or it was an
campaign for an event so you don’t want to run the ads after the event has
finished so you can set up the end date as well site link is extremely important
and I would always recommend that you use up as many cycling’s as you possibly
can so I’m going to check all of these and
enter them same with the call-out extensions extensions are extremely
important when it comes to your quality score and the CTR because it makes your
ads a lot bigger with all these extensions so you get more clicks your
CTR go higher your quality score increases and your cost per click goes
down so I’m gonna add that color extension and obviously I’m going to put
in my call extension which is my phone number and once I’ve done all that I’ll
save it and my campaign has been set up so this is how you set up a campaign in
the new AdWords interface I hope you enjoyed this video I’d really appreciate
if you would subscribe like share comment for this video and I look
forward to seeing you on the next one till then bye for now

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  1. Help Sir.. Sorry I got problem actually I followed u step by step until the Sitelink extension and it doesn't show me any thing it just says no sitelink extension could u please help me out

  2. Good morning sir thank you so much for your wonderful class. I learn lot of from you. now I facing a problem from new AdWords and I can't do campaign even I can't click on campaign button please help me

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