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Google AdWords: Introduction | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Google AdWords: Introduction | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

We’re going to use AdWords as an example
to help you build the mindset around creating online campaigns while
focusing on search engine marketing. Many of the things you need to consider
when building AdWords campaigns are similar to what you do in
creating any online campaign. Such as the structure,
the target audience, tracking, measurement and more.>>AdWords works by having
companies bid for keywords. When a potential customer searches
a keyword in Google search, there is an auction behind the scenes
that automatically resulted with the winner ads shown up at
the top of the search results.>>Winners will be decided by a formula
that takes into consideration both the relevance of the ad and
the bid. So let’s get started by building our
AdWords campaign using Abarkment as an example.>>So I’m Andrea, I have been working
at Google for about four years. Mostly the whole time been working
with AdWords advertising customers. Supporting small, medium businesses as well as some
of the Fortune 500 companies. And so, it’s given me a lot
of experience to work with all different advertisers and to see
how AdWords can really be flexible for advertisers of all kinds, all different
businesses, with all different goals. So Google is really great at
serving as a platform for advertisers who want to
drive app downloads. Specifically, I think Google Search
is going to be the best first step for
anyone who wants to promote their app. Google search is going to
provide the opportunity for users to find your app,
especially when they’re looking for a product that your app
can meet their needs. So for example, if a user is going to
be searching for shopping apps, they’re going to go to google.com,
look for a best shopping app, and that’s an opportunity where you can serve
your add for those types of queries. Additionally, we’ve just opened
up Google Play inventory so, when users are looking for
apps within the Google Play Store, you can now show your ads within
the results on Google Play. So again, if the user is looking for
shopping or shopping apps or whatever it might be. They can search within Google Play and that will give you an opportunity
to show your ads there as well. Depending on your experience
with AdWords, setting up an app promotion campaign is similar to any
other type of Google Search campaign. But, if you haven’t used AdWords in
the past, it’s really easy to onboard. A user can sign up online without any
support from Google specifically. So you can just go online and create
an AdWords account but beyond that, you want to create a campaign
specifically for app promotion. And that is an easy process. It just walks you through different
steps for setting up your budget as well as your targeting and
then you can enter in your ad creatives. So, when you set up your keyword lists, you want to remember to think
about themes for your keyword set. So ideally, you separate a couple
different ad groups with different themes for your keywords. You want to be as
specific as possible and as relevant as possible to your product. So again, back to the shopping app, you want to have terms that would
be related to a shopping app or best deals online or shop locally. Those are the type of terms you
want to be thinking about and what’s really the value
of your product and then how do your key words
match up to your product. So keep those as relevant as possible,
and then also separate an ad group for
your brand terms. So obviously you want to capture
anyone who’s searching for your brand. Or terms that are most
similar to your brand. You want to make sure that
anyone whose looking for you is able to easily find you. So those are the things you want to
be thinking about with keywords. You want to make sure they’re just
really relevant to your product, to your business. And that they’re going to capture
users when they’re searching and trying to find a product like yours. AdWords is great for
small advertisers, for startups. It’s really a platform that
allows small advertisers to compete in the big leagues as well,
because it really does come down to the quality of your product and
the value proposition of your business. So, as long as you can really
communicate that in your ads and figure out the keywords that
work best for your business, then those are the auctions that you
really could see yourself perform and outdo any of the competitors. So that does take some testing in
figuring out which keywords are best for your business. You want to stray away from some
of the really expensive terms or really broad terms. So if I’m selling shoes, I don’t want to bid on terms like shoes or
women’s shoes. That’s going to be really broad and
that’s going to be really expensive. And those are the types of terms
that you might see some of those big companies. They can afford to to be showing ads for
those really broad terms. But you want to think,
what is your product do best? How can you be as specific as possible
to capture the users that are looking for something that you can provide? So for example,
if user is specifically looking for a certain type of shoe that you sell. That’s what you want,
your keyword and your ad to convey. So, I think that’s what’s
great about AdWords is that, it is an auction and it does
create a level playing field where you can decide which terms
do you really care about? Those are the terms that you’re
willing to bid on and pay per click. And if you can communicate
that within your ad and drive them to the best landing
page that you can offer a user, then I think you have a really good
chance of those ads delivering for you. So one advantage to Google AdWords
is with Android users, we actually don’t need to set
up any additional tracking. So we do have a code list tracking, and that’s just because Google
owns the Android platform. So we’re able to know when
users download the app. You can see when a user
actually clicked on your ad and then when they actually downloaded
the app, all within AdWords. Now, as far as iOS and tracking that, that’s where you need an additional
tracking system outside of Google. So that’s where you’re going to have
to research for a third-party SDKs. But yeah, there’s a lot of great things
that you can do to get started with AdWords that don’t require a lot of
additional technical integration or implementation. A lot of it is pretty much all there for
you within AdWords.

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  1. Hi Udacity!

    As of July 24, 2018 Google AdWord has rebranded to be known as Google Ads. The AdWords assessments have been updated too. How is that reflected in your Nanodegree course please? Also are you planning to change the title of your course if at all?

    Thanks !

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