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Google Adwords Interface and Tools | Google Adwords 2019 | Google Adwords Tutorial

Google Adwords Interface and Tools | Google Adwords 2019 | Google Adwords Tutorial

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videos this is the new AdWords user interface
which is currently in beta you can see the better symbol here acts in Adwords
follow a three-level structure at the top is the campaign where you set
objectives for that like driving sales or driving people to your website within
the campaign you set up multiple ad groups you can set up targeting at ad
group level for example you select keywords to target at the ad group level
within the ad group you create your ads you can create multiple ads within the
same ad group so you can test different messaging you also add keywords to that
group and set bits for each keyword in that group let us look at the user
interface the leftmost column here shows you all the campaigns and category of
campaigns you can see such campaigns video campaigns you use the second
column this column to drill down into your campaigns for example currently I
am all campaign selected here if I click campaigns now it’s going to show me
campaign level data if I select such campaigns here now it
shows me all the such campaigns that are there in the account and then I can
click on each campaign to drill down further this area where you are seeing
this data is the work area let me select a particular campaign now you can see
that groups within this campaign if I click on ads and extensions here you can
see the ads if I click keywords you can see the keywords in this campaign the
performance data for your campaign that you see here is for the time period
selected in this date picker you can select a predefined time duration or you
can select a custom start and end it in the top menu you can access your account
set up your billing and payment information
in your business data you can give other users access to your account you also
see tools planning tools keyword planner and ad preview and diagnosis tools
shared library you can get shared libraries assets that are shared across
your campaigns you can also create rules and skip that apply bulk action to your
account and the measurement you have tools for measuring conversions linking
to Google Analytics and for such attribution this icon here gives you
access to reporting features you can either create a custom report or you can
use a set of predefined reports here if you need help you go here hey thanks for
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