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Google Adwords for small businesses

Google Adwords for small businesses

Google AdWords or pay-per-click advertising allows your company to be at the top of Google. When people are searching for you and your services. So, what’s so great about Google AdWords? You’re appearing at the top of Google when people are actively searching for your services. With AdWords you can choose the locations you want to work in. If you don’t want to work in a city center or somewhere where parking is bad, or areas where you know there’s prize shoppers. Cool! You can block them. Similarly if there’s some millionaire rows that you definitely want to target, that’s doable with AdWords. You also choose the time your ads are shown. If you don’t want to answer the phone at 9p.m. or on a Sunday, that’s fine you can tailor your ads with Google Adwords. A huge bonus of Google AdWords is you
only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This is so different to traditional
types of marketing. Where you would pay for a big batch of leaflets then hope somebody rings you. Or you’d pay to be in a local magazine or in the Yellow Pages and hope someone opens the page on your number. With this you’re only paying for people that are actively interested in your services and are hopping onto your website. Another great thing is you stop paying when you’re too busy. If the diary is full or you’re going on holiday, just turn your ads off. Similarly if you want more working you can always boost the spend on AdWords to get the phone ringing more. What I love about Google AdWords is you really just make it work around your business. Choose the locations, the times, the amount you’re gonna spend and then watch the phone ring. Now you can have a go at setting up Google AdWords yourself, or you could choose between the thousands of agencies out there that will look after your account. But why should you choose Digitool to create and manage your Google AdWords campaign? 1st, if you’ve ever tried to set it up yourself, you will find that Google will waste your money. There’s so many booby traps and Google are trying to spend your money. With Digitool we know all of the tricks and we’ll make sure your Google AdWords account isn’t leaking cash. We’ll save you time. We’ve frequently hopping into your Google AdWords account, making changes and optimizing your ads. So, that you’re spending the least amount of money and getting the most amount of calls. Do you really have time to sit on your laptop after a day’s worth of work and make all these changes yourself? No? Then let us do it for you. When you work with Digitool, we won’t work with any of your competitors in your area. You get total area exclusivity with us. AdWords is really our area of expertise. We know what we’re doing with your account. We’re a certified Google partner and we’ve
been trained by the top UK AdWords experts. Unlike a lot of Google AdWords agencies, we know you and we know your industry. We’ve grown up in it and we’re already getting great results for people that have businesses just like yours. We can apply the tactics we already know are working for other businesses and make them work for you straight away. That also means we’re not wasting any time or money with trial and error to find out what’s going to work. We already know what works. We know what keywords to use. We know what negative keywords to
block. And we’re ready to start getting you great results today. But don’t just take my word for it. On our website you can see the business owners we’re already helping get a great return on investment. There you can see them talk about the increase in profit we’re helping bring into their business. We also provide super clear reporting. None of this confusing mumbo-jumbo spreadsheets with loads and numbers on them. No, we’ll give you a super clear
dashboard, that allows you to see how your account is performing. This dashboard is also live. So, you can go and check it out at 3:00 in the morning if you fancy. Wwe have a team of friendly UK experts that can help you out. So, if you’ve got any questions about your account, just give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out. We have clear fair pricing. It’s a set fee each month for us
to manage your accounts. A lot of other ad agencies change their price depending on how much profit you’re getting back on AdWords. And we don’t think that’s fair. If you’re doing a fantastic job at selling your services, and you’re getting in loads of clients from AdWords, we think that should be celebrated not punished by making you spend more money. So, our prices will always stay the same. At Digitool, we don’t tie you into any sticky long-term contracts. If you’re not getting a fantastic return from your AdWords, no problem! You can always leave us. That makes it a lot less risky to try Adwords today and see what kind of profits you could get for your business. Hey! Let me tell you something that a lot of ad agencies won’t tell you. AdWords doesn’t work for every business. It depends on how much competition
you’ve got, what prices you’re charging, whether people are looking for your
services. So, what we ask is just give us a call and we will give you honest expert advice of whether we think AdWords could make you even more money. Head below request a 15 minute call and we’ll let you know whether we think AdWords is worth doing to make you even more profitable.

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