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Google AdWords For Real Estate Agents | Web4Realty

Google AdWords For Real Estate Agents | Web4Realty

When we’re talking about online marketing, We’re likely talking about Google. Consider the fact that 75% of ALL searches
done on the web, happen on Google. And statistically speaking, If you’re a top performing real estate agent,
you’re likely using one of more Google marketing services. Take for instance the fact that 90%of home
buyers start their search online! And so today, we’re going to talk about arguably
their most effective marketing service known as: Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Advertising Or for short, PPC! Now the best way to understand PPC is with
a live example. Let’s run a Google search typing ‘Best real
estate agent Mississauga’ What you’ll notice is that the results are
primarily divided into two segments. You have the uppermost results, and all the
results under them. Now as you might imagine, the most exposure
and interest takes place with the uppermost results. These are known as the sponsored results,
or PPC results! When compared with other marketing methods,
pay-per-click advertising is arguably the most efficient and cost-effective marketing
strategy available to generate real estate leads. For one, the reason the service is called
‘pay-per-click’ or PPC is because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Second, your ad is only appearing to people
who are running searches for the exact keywords that you want to appear for! Last but not least, you can ensure that your
ads are only being displayed to your target demographic! Now creating a pay-per-click campaign is not
as simple as picking the right keywords. There’s an actual science behind it. In fact, there’s an entire field of study
and an entire profession dedicated around the single goal of creating pay-per-click
campaigns. Which is why here at Web4Realty, we have in-house
PPC experts who begin by sending you a specialized questionnaire. The questionnaire will serve to help them
understand your business. Your target demographic, your business goals,
and your unique competitive advantage! With this information, they will tailor a
unique pay-per-click strategy to meet your business needs and goals. The process involves keyword research, competitive
analysis, ad copy, landing page setup and much more! The point is, we’re the experts – and we’ve
got you covered. Now once a pay-per-click campaign is setup,
you can’t just sit back and relax… Unless you like losing money! Pay-per-click campaigns are ongoing processes. Every week, our team analyses the results
of your campaign and make ongoing optimizations. These optimizations ensure that your campaign
is yielding the highest return on your dollar! We make data-driven decisions to re-invest
in the strategies that deliver results and modify those that haven’t! And don’t worry, you will never feel out of
the loop because every other week we provide full reports with a consultation to explain
exactly how your campaign is doing. If you’re looking to invest in a marketing
strategy this year, pay-per-click advertising should be your #1 option! Not only do we create, manage, and optimize
your campaigns. But we do so with in-house experts. So the only question you should be asking
yourself this year is ‘when do I get started’! Thank you for watching.

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