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Google AdWords Editor, Turned Up To 11

Google AdWords Editor, Turned Up To 11

SPEAKER: We know you’re busy. You’ve got that thing after
work, so we’ll keep this short. Google’s AdWords Editor
is a powerful tool we all know and love. And today, we’re
turning it up to 11. We’ve rebuilt AdWords
Editor from the ground up, preserving all the
great features you need and adding powerful new ones to
let you do more in less time. In AdWords Editor 11,
you can now easily manage multiple
accounts at once. Open as many as
you want so you can work in them side-by-side,
and even drag and drop items between them. Add context to your
work by viewing different parts of your
account at the same time. Edit items side-by-side and
never lose your place again. Speed up your workflow with
simple keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump
around your account and create new
objects in a snap. [MUSIC PLAYING] A detailed history of
your recent changes is now just a click away. You can quickly undo or
redo multiple changes in bulk or in sequence. Looking for something specific? Build, filter, and
save your searches with more accurate results. Find what you’re looking for,
make changes, and move on. We rebuilt AdWords Editor
to do things faster. Download your accounts
up to twice as fast because those
seconds and minutes add up when you’ve got a thing. So upgrade to AdWords Editor 11
because your work is important, but so is your time. Now, where were we? [MUSIC PLAYING]

6 thoughts on “Google AdWords Editor, Turned Up To 11

  1. Today, we’re announcing an exciting update to one of our most popular tools: AdWords Editor. AdWords Editor 11.0 represents the biggest update to the application since we released it in 2006. It’s been redesigned from the ground up: we’ve enhanced all of the features you know and love while adding new ones to help you do more in less time. With a brand new visual design and faster interface, AdWords Editor 11.0 is built to make you more efficient as you view and make changes across your accounts and campaigns. Learn more [http://goo.gl/kbD0pr] and upgrade today! [http://goo.gl/GawhZ]

  2. The new Editor sucks! Big time! Search function doesn't work properly and the freaking Sitelink management is not working at all. I can see, that a certain sitelink is linked to 200 Campaigns in an account, but i cant see to which campaigns it is linked. I cant make simple changes to the Sitelinks like in the old Editor. After testing this Bullshit programm called Editor 11, I just figured I'd stay with the old one. But you freaking imbeciles also took care of that. As of now, the old Editor isn't allowed access to new Adwords Accounts I want to edit.

    Thanks a fucking lot.

  3. Awesome, Google Adwords Editor 11, when I thought it couldn't get any better, really helps with managing my PPC campaigns. Thanks!

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