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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking – Google Ads Tips

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking – Google Ads Tips

If you’ve just started out in your online
marketing career one crucial thing you’ll need to monitor is your conversion tracking.
Setting up conversion tracking allows you to see important actions visitors on a website
take, like sign-ups, phone calls or make a purchase.
Recently Google released news that they allowed users to set up campaign-level conversion
settings You can choose which conversions actions to
include in the Conversions column at the campaign level. This overrides the default account
level setting and you can decide what actions to use to optimize bids for each campaign.
You can optimize a campaign for multiple conversion actions and share it across other campaigns
intended to drive the same goals. Previously, your conversions column selections
applied to all campaigns in your account. This meant that if you had multiple campaigns
to drive different goals & conversions, you’d need to create multiple accounts in order
to optimize them separately. You don’t need to do this anymore. Now you
can simply choose the corresponding conversion action or actions for each campaign giving
you more flexibility within your Google Ads account.
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4 thoughts on “Google AdWords Conversion Tracking – Google Ads Tips

  1. If we add all match types in same ad group
    Broad match modifier
    Exact match
    Phrase match
    Then will this keywords conflict with each other?
    Will Cost Go Down Or Increase ?

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