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Google AdWords: Campaigns Text | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Google AdWords: Campaigns Text | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

So I already created our account
settings and created the campaign for customer acquisition: promo offer. And I started with our first ad group,
dog owners, because one of our main goals was to increase traffic
of dog owners 5% monthly for the next four months. You can see here in my AdWords
account we have dog owners, which is under the customer
acquisition promo offer campaign. So this is our first ad group. Then I want to create an ad, and
we need to enter in a headline. Let’s talk about this. For a headline, we’re only going to have
25 characters to promote our product and service, so we really want to
grab people’s attention. And a good option here is to
include the keywords you’ve chosen. We’re going to use luxury dog sitting. Next we have our display URL. We’re going to use abarkment.com. For the display URL, this is a web
address that will appear on your ad. This URL must match the domain people
will land on when they click on your ad. So if you want them to land on
a specific page of your website, you can still just use your homepage
like we did with aBARKment.com, as long as it’s the same domain name. Okay, let’s go back to AdWords. Next we’re going to need to do
our description line one and description line two. So let’s talk about these. Description line one will be
below the display URL, or it will be displayed as
part of the headline. You have 35 characters to use
when attracting your customers. Think about adding
a call to action here. And don’t forget sometimes
the description line one and other parts of your ad can be seen along
with your headline if AdWords thinks it’s going to help you perform better. So don’t just write this off. We’re going to use get 15% off
your first booking as our first description line. For description line two, the location of your ad dictates where
description line two will be seen. Let’s look at the example they show us. So we’re going to use your dog deserves
the best stay, and now we can see what the ad will look like if it’s a top or
bottom ad, or a side view ad. Now, I don’t really like this top or
bottom view ad without any punctuation, so I need to add that. Add a period here, and maybe get a little bit more
excited about our 15% off offer. Okay, so
that changes the layout of our ad. You can see the top and bottom ad, the description line one is
now equal to the headline. And description line two is
at the bottom all by itself. Now for a side ad, the description
line one is the first line. And description line
two is the second line. So you can play around with this to
make sure you’re happy with the way it looks and feels. And you can check out the sample
ads that Google offers to get some inspiration. Now the fun part of this
is you really don’t have to kill yourself over finding the best
creative ad or wording for each ad. Yeah, you want to put some thought into
it, but each ad group is going to have a few different ads with a few
different versions of wording. So you can launch your campaign and start tracking the performance
of the different ads. This way, you’ll be able to see which
messaging drove the most clicks and had the most conversion
rates on your site. And you can always just delete
the least successful one. So we still need to
fill in our final URL. Our final URL is the website people
will reach when they click on your ad. So, this is your landing page. You’re going to want to use a URL
that best matches the ad that you’re promoting. So for us, we’re going to use
a specific landing page for our 15% off promo,
which is abarkment.com/welcome-promo. We can also see what our app will look
like on different mobile devices. Depending on the settings,
you chose for your ad group, if you have a mobile website you
can add in your url for mobile. It’ll just take them to the mobile
version of your landing page.

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