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Google AdWords Call Only Ads Campaigns

Google AdWords Call Only Ads Campaigns

Hello, are you looking to increase the number
of phone calls to generate more leads or sales for your business? If so, keep watching this
video and I’m going to show you how you can do that using Google Call Ads. Hello, my name is Uzair and thanks for joining.
In this video I’m going to show you how to set up a Google AdWords Call Only Ad Campaign.
Now if your business is reliant on the phone ringing all the time to generate new leads
or sales and you don’t want visitors to go to your website, but rather pick up the phone
and call you, then a Call Only Ad campaign is the best way to do that. It is ideal for
companies like a cab company or restaurants when they want people to order a cab or to
book a table or reserve a table at the restaurant or for companies like insurance companies,
solicitors where people want to talk to someone rather than go onto a website and download
a PDF or submit a form, then a Call Only Ad is a perfect way to generate that new lead
or a new customer. Let’s get started setting up our Call Only Ad. Now before you set up
your campaign, you need to set up the conversion tracking. So you go into your conversions, click the plus button, and now you see the
phone calls. So track calls from your ads or your website. You get three options over
here. I’m going to select the first one because we are tracking calls from ads using Call
Extensions or Call Only Ads. The other one is call to a phone number on your website
and calls on your number on your mobile websites. So these two are a little bit different because
what Google does it puts in a different call forwarding number and tracks your conversions
that way. But we are tracking conversions through the Call Only Ads. So I’m going to
continue. I’m going to call it Call Conversions on Call Ads. Okay. Again, whether you wish to categorize
that as a lead sale sign up. I’m going to go with lead. You want to put up a value for
each phone call. What it is worth? So let me bring up my note pad. So here’s how you
calculate the value per lead or customer. Let’s say you get 10 phone calls. Out off
those 10 phone calls, three of them convert into a sale customer or a booking. So you
have a 30% conversion rate, right? And that is your each sale or client is worth £300.
So you’ve got £300 x 3=£900. Divided by the number of calls. So my value per lead
or per phone call. I should change that to per call, is £90. So I’m going to enter that
value in here. British pounds. So then if you do enter the value and you must enter
a value, otherwise you will not be able to track your return on your investment. So it’s
always a good idea to enter your value of the conversion and it’s a good practice and
you will know your numbers and you’ll know exactly how well AdWords is working for you
or not. Count is one for lead is fine, if you are
receiving orders online or you’re taking orders through your phone then you put in for direct
sale. So when you click on this little button, you will see this little text change. And
this is for the leads. Yeah, one is recommended for leads, sign ups and other conversions.
Call length I tend to keep it around 30 to 45 seconds because I know somebody who has
made the phone call and is speaking to somebody and not just by accident, they click the ad
and they hang up the phone after five seconds realizing that they made a mistake or this
was not the company they wanted to call. So you can put in the call length for a conversion
to whatever you want. So every time somebody calls through the ads and they are on the
phone for more than 30 seconds, AdWords is going to calculate that as a conversion. Conversion
window you can decide whether you want to keep it to 30, 60 days or custom days. 30
is fine, include conversions, attribution is fine to last click and you’re going to
create and continue and click the done button. So now your conversion tracking has been set
up and you will get that message in red because it has not started yet. So that’s fine. That’s
not a problem at all. Okay, so now let’s go back to our campaign
set up. So here we are on our campaign setup page. Click on the plus button. And for the
Call Only Ads you need to go to the search network. And from here I’m going to create
a campaign with no goals. Click on get phone calls, select my country enter my phone number. Continue. I’m going to put in Call Only Ads
and I’m going to put in the service. So I know what this campaign is all about. So let’s
say I’m advertising our web design service. Okay? So I’m going to uncheck these too. I
just want my ads to show on the search network. Location, UK is fine or you can select your
location or go in to the advanced section and choose a radius around where you are.
Languages, English. Bidding I’m going to change it to manual uncheck my enhance CPC. Always
start with manual and then see how it goes. And once I’ve got enough data then I can change
my bidding accordingly. Budget, whatever you are comfortable with. Delivery method, I tend
to always go with standard. Some people go with accelerated, but I want my ads to show
evenly across the day, okay, start and end dates. I’m going to put in the start date,
don’t bother about the end date unless it is for a special event or a limited time offer.
So make sure not to run ads after the event has finished. Now you will find different
people saying different things about extensions for Call Only Ads, and the best place to get
your answer is the AdWords help centre. So you go to your AdWords help centre and search
for the Call Only Ads in there you’ll come to this page. Scroll down a bit. And there you go. Select extensions including
location, structure snippet and call out extensions. So these are the only three extensions which
are eligible to show with your ad and none of the others. You don’t need to worry about
any others except these three. And then here, as you can see, you also see Call Only Ads
are only available for campaigns on the search network and not on any other network. You’ll
also have some more information about the example ad and the character limit and so
on. Okay. So you know how to set up your extensions now and which ones to set up, I’ve got other
with video links down in the description box where you can see how to set up your extensions
in there. So I’m not going to go through setting up extensions in here. Okay. Additional settings
so you can set up your structured snippet for this campaign which I’ve already done.
I don’t need to worry about the ones. Ad schedule is important, because I don’t want people
clicking on the ads when my office is closed or out of hours. So if I’m open Monday to
Fridays. Then you select those and I want my ads to run between my opening times only.
So let’s say nine o’clock to five, or whatever your times maybe. So then only during those
times your ads will show through. I want people in my location to see my ads and you don’t
need to worry about these two options. Save and continue. Enter your ad group name. Now bidding is quite
important for Call Only Ads because you want to bid aggressively so you don’t lose out
in the auction Call Only Ads will give you the highest conversion rate because this is
someone calling you or your business. So it’s not someone going to your website and submitting
a form. They may be not such a hot lead as they are from a Call Only Ad. I will always
bid a lot more aggressively and I know that my conversion rate is high so I can afford
to bid a bit more higher. So you can start off with whatever you’re comfortable with.
If you start with a low budget and you find that you are not getting any impressions,
then you slowly start to raise it and see where you are getting the most impressions
and not losing out in the impressions. Then the next important thing is the keywords.
So I’m going to put in here web design because that’s my campaign about web design. So I’m
going to select a few keywords from here. Now you would have heard me say in different
videos that I always have one keyword per ad group or have as few keywords as possible
in an ad group so that your keywords, ads and your landing pages are all very, very
relevant. But in this case there’s no landing page. Call Only Ads run a little bit more
differently than the search ads. So what I would recommend you do is enter a handful
of keywords and see what happens. If you’re not getting any impressions. Again, increased
the bid, add some more keywords and just get it started. And once you’ve got some data
and you can see that some key are wasting money, while some are converting well then
you can adjust your bids and tweak your campaigns accordingly. And as you can see, I’m just
bidding on broad match. Whereas normally I wouldn’t use broad match when setting up a
campaign. So Call Only Ads are little bit different to your normal campaigns. Save and
continue. Now we come to the ad creation. Put in your URL. Headline one, which is normally the 30 characters
long Web Design Agency in UK. So I’m under my character limit, which is fine. Now on
headline two, I tend to put in a very strong call to action. What do you want them to do?
You know talk to a specialist, book an appointment or whatever the call to action could be. So
I would say speak to a web expert now and because my ads are showing only during my
office hours, so whenever they see that ad, they can see that message that they can speak
to somebody right now. And I’ve got 26 characters, which is fine. Going to put that as web design
as my keywords in here or I’ve got more character space. So I could put in something like web
design expert or an agency or whatever you want to put in. Description we’ve got 80 characters
long. I’ve got a description in here. As you can see I’ve got 102 which is way over. I’m
going to delete this bit. Perfect. We offer a complete and professional
web design service. This doesn’t make sense. I can just say, call now to speak to us. So
again, we’re putting in that call to action again over here. So now we can see how the
ad is going to look here and the phone numbers is there as well. Click done. And your ad
has been set up. You can have multiple ads. And again, I would set up multiple ads to
test, see which one is giving me the most clicks and conversions. So test with different
call to actions. Save and continue. Now it’s given me an error
message is because of this exclamation mark. Save and continue. Okay, your campaign is
ready. It’s going to get approved and as soon as it is approved. I’m going to start seeing
my ads, getting the impressions and that is how you create a Call Only Ad. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you would
like me to create a video like this one for any questions or problems you have about AdWords
put that in the comment box below and I will do my best to create a video for you. Please
don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification button and you’ll be the first
one to be notified about other new videos when I upload. Thank you for your time and
I appreciate it very much and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Bye for now.

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