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Google Ads y Facebook Ads desde cero – Curso online de Arantxa Beltrán y Guillermo Medina

Google Ads y Facebook Ads desde cero – Curso online de Arantxa Beltrán y Guillermo Medina

-Hi, we are Arantxa Beltrán…
-And Guillermo Medina, experts in digital marketing. We owe our experience and knowledge to companies like Amazon,
Facebook or Google. Working with many companies allows you to have a wide,
holistic view of the sector, as well as get to know the products
and workings of platforms like Google or Facebook Ads. Digital marketing is essential
for your business. Knowing what it is,
its main channels and advantages, will help you design
the best online strategies. The aim is using
the tools and opportunities to promote a business
or a brand efficiently. In this course we will focus
on the most widely used tools in digital marketing:
Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It’s unique because it’s practice-based and aimed at beginners. As final project, you’ll create your digital marketing campaigns
for both platforms to apply to your business
or personal project. For this, we’ll explain
what digital marketing is and complement it
with traditional marketing. We’ll then focus on the main platforms: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We’ll also see the types of targets
and how to measure them. Then we’ll work
on our first marketing plan. First, we’ll help you identify
your potential market, your clients, and the most suitable platform
for your business. We’ll also share guidelines
and tricks to identify your competitors, and analyze their advertising. We’ll first look in depth at Google Ads and create an account on the platform. This will allow us to launch
our first marketing campaigns. We’ll delve
into search campaigns in depth and we’ll learn to develop them. We’ll learn about keywords
and matching options, text ads and extensions. We’ll repeat the process
for Google Display Network and YouTube. Lastly, we’ll show you some
other Google Ads products. These will be more advanced, but are very useful to bolster
your marketing strategy. We’ll analyze Facebook
and Instagram as marketing channels. First we’ll create a Business Manager, a Facebook page,
and an advertiser account. Then we’ll see the campaign objectives, the segmentation options, and the different ad formats available. Last, I’ll show you some tricks
to optimize your campaigns and additional resources
offered by Facebook. This way you’ll learn
the basics of digital marketing that will greatly impact your business. This course is aimed at anybody wanting to launch their digital
marketing campaigns by themselves. Google Ads and Facebook Ads From Scratch
By Arantxa Beltrán and Guillermo Medina Sign up at Domestika.org Create. Share. Learn.

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