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Google Ads Tutorials: Welcome to Google Ads

Google Ads Tutorials: Welcome to Google Ads

[light music] Welcome to Google Ads! Now that you’ve come on board, it’s time to jump-start your
business’s digital journey and growth. This video series is the perfect place to begin, whether you’re brand new
to the world of digital advertising, or have been running Google
Ads and need a refresher. Over the course of this video series
you’ll be introduced to many of the basics, and learn how to set up, manage,
and measure the success of your ad campaigns, while getting the most out of your ad spend. These foundational elements are crucial in ensuring that you are able to effectively
drive toward meeting your business goals. Before discussing your
business’s advertising goals, let’s quickly review the importance
of being present on Google. Do you remember when Google looked like this? It’s hard to imagine when it
was just a search engine and only 5% of the world
had access to the internet. Fast forward to today, 57% of the
world has access to the Internet and that “computer corner” in your home is now a supercomputer in your pocket
that’s available to you at any moment. Mobile devices have changed everything. This growth in connectivity and
rapid development in technology, is increasingly impacting how
much time people spend online, as well as our expectations in the real world. Today’s consumer is more empowered than ever. They expect immediate, personal,
and helpful online experiences. Consumers are more curious and wanna easily find the answers
to any question with just a few taps. Because consumers know what’s
possible, they are more demanding, so they expect businesses to
cater to their individual needs. And lastly, because consumers know just
how quickly they can get their needs met, they have become more impatient. The good news is that there are more
opportunities than ever before to connect and influence your customers by
helping them find what they’re looking for. It’s crucial for your business to understand and
anticipate these key moments of consumer intent in order to drive business growth by delivering the right experience, to the right person, at the right moment. Google algorithms are able to recognize
and understand what your consumers need, and seamlessly deliver the
most useful experiences. This series will walk you through
how to make the most of Google Ads in order to deliver the best user experiences, using effective ad campaigns and
engaging your most valuable customers. By the end of this series, you will be able to: Align your business goals to
your marketing metrics. Measure and understand how your customer’s
actions contribute to your business goals. Take the right steps towards creating
a successful Search campaign. Understand who your most valuable customers are. And optimize your website to drive
the most value from Google Ads. As you navigate this learning
path, apply each topic by following along in your Google Ads account. There are plenty of additional
resources linked to each video if there are topics you’d like to explore more. Move through the videos at your
own pace, and most important: Remember to have fun! Let’s kickoff this video series with thinking
strategically about your business goals. [music continues]

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