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Google Ads Tutorials: Success checklist

Google Ads Tutorials: Success checklist

[light music] Congratulations on successfully completing
the Google Ads Tutorials Readiness series! You now have a strong foundation
in basic concepts such as how to setup, manage, and measure the
success of your ad campaigns. We’re positive that you’re on
the right path to unlock great opportunities for your
business through Google Ads. Let’s review five key takeaways
from the video series so far. Number one: Setup micro and macro
conversions to accurately measure and attribute the various customer
actions that are valuable to your business. Number two: Organize your ad account
with the right hierarchy of campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords, to attract
highly relevant audiences to your site. Create informative, relevant, and engaging ads
with expanded text ads and responsive search ads. Number three: Choose a Smart Bidding strategy to take the guesswork out of
setting bids in Google Ads, so you can focus on more
strategic areas of your business. Remember that even brand new
campaigns can use Smart Bidding. Number four: Reach the right potential customers
and grow your audience base by thinking through your audience strategy. Re-engage with your existing customer base
and expand to new, qualified customers who you’ve never connected with before. Number five: Create seamless and efficient digital experiences
by focusing on improving your website UX and site speed, particularly on mobile. Remember that no matter how beautiful
or data-driven your marketing campaigns are, negative experiences on your site
could impact customer experience. You now know the basics to grow your
business through Google Ads, but learning doesn’t stop here. Harnessing the full power of Google Ads
takes patience and strategic thinking. To help you reach your goals we
have a bunch of Google Ads Tutorials and are constantly adding new videos
on intermediate and advanced topics. As you grow on Google Ads, remember
that your learning process is on-going, so keep coming back to explore more! [music continues]

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