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Google Ads Tutorials: Implementing Search Audiences

Google Ads Tutorials: Implementing Search Audiences

[light music] woman: Implementing audience lists
for your Search campaigns helps boost your campaign’s performance through re-engaging potential customers. We recommend applying audience lists
to Search campaigns to better understand
how various audiences perform. This is because you can monitor
the performance of users on an audience list and then bid to the correct value
of the audience through Smart Bidding. In this video, we’ll apply
the All Users audience list to your Search campaigns
in three simple steps. All Users is an audience list
created automatically within your Google Ads account. It uses the remarketing tag on your site to create a list of users
that have already visited the site. You can understand how these potential
customers re-engage with your ads through applying the list
to your Search campaigns. This is important, since returning users
perform differently than new users, often having higher conversion rates. With Smart Bidding, the bidding algorithm
can then the All Users list as a signal in order to automatically adjust bids
for returning users. This removes the need
to manually adjust bids for returning users
who are more likely to convert. Before showing how to implement
the All Users list, it’s important to first understand how the audience list
is applied to your campaign. There are two settings–
Targeting and Observation. The Targeting setting tells Google Ads
who you’d like to reach with your ads and where you’d like those ads to show. The Observation setting helps you monitor how certain audiences perform
with your ads without changing who can see your ads
or where they can show. Let’s understand Targeting and observation
through an example. You sell children’s clothes and target
potential customers through keywords like “children’s high-quality clothes.” You’d like to engage all potential
customers who visited your Website, so decide to add the All Users audience
list to your Search campaign. If you select Observation when applying
the All Users list, you’re ads will continue to show to users
who search for your keywords. You’ll be able to monitor if any
of the users search for your keywords and are on your All Users list. Note that the Observation setting does not restrict
the reach of your campaign but lets you observe the performance
of the All Users list. If you select Targeting
when adding the audience list, your ads will only show to users
who search for your keywords and are on the All Users list. This narrows the reach of your campaign, since potential customers
who are searching for your keywords will not see your ad if they’re not
already on the All Users list. To add the All Users list
to your Search campaigns, begin by clicking the audience manager
to view your audience lists. Select the All Users list
and click to add to campaigns. Select all Search campaigns
and choose “observation.” To view the audience list
applied to your Search campaign, view a Search campaign
and click “audience.” Here you can see the targeting setting
of the campaign. When pairing the All Users list
with Smart Bidding, you don’t need to add any bid adjustments, since Smart Bidding
takes care of this for you. The audiences versus other rows help you compare the performance
of those on the All Users list to those who are not. If you want to deliver a different message to your returning users
on the All Users list, you can use “if” functions
within your ad text. “If” functions let you insert a customized
message into your ad that only show to a specific audience list
that you select. If you have any questions
or for more information, please visit the Google Ads Help Center. For more step-by-step videos on Google Ads implementation
and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials. [music continues]

9 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Implementing Search Audiences

  1. Bear in mind, remarketing list for Google search ads needs to have a minimum number of 1,000 cookies before the list can be used to tailor your search ads.

  2. what is the remarketing tag and where can i find it? my site has the google analytics tag installed already, can't i use analytics to create an "all visitors/users" list instead?

  3. Hi Just need to ask one thing that if i have created a video campaign and created a customer list audience with targeting setting and now i want to change it from targeting to observation then how we can do that.

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