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Google Ads Tutorials: How to value your store visits

Google Ads Tutorials: How to value your store visits

[light music] Measuring and tracking the online and offline
impact of your Google Ads campaigns is important for understanding your true
return on investment from Google Ads. In this video, we’ll cover how to
measure the value of a store visit so you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns
based on the full impact of your digital advertising. If you sell products online and in-store, and want to assess the
full impact of your Google Ads, you must already be tracking store visits
and online conversions, like online purchases, phone calls, or app installs. Store visits conversions provide insight into the
number of customers who have visited your store. They’re counted when a customer engages with your ad and then visits your storefront within 30 days. If you have linked your Google My Business
account to your Google Ads account, have setup verified location extensions,
and meet the volume thresholds, you may be eligible for store visits. If you meet the volume thresholds, store visits data
will automatically appear as a new conversion action. If you’re measuring online conversions
and capturing revenue information, you can also value store visits
to estimate in-store revenue. This way, you can measure the total revenue and
return on ad spend driven by your Google Ads campaigns. If you’re not capturing revenue information yet,
you can do so through conversion tracking. We’ll start with a simple model for
calculating the value of a store visit based on revenue driven by your online ads. You can partner with your store manager to help
you get started on some of the basic assumptions. To calculate this you’ll use: Your store visit conversions: This is a report automatically generated in
Google Ads if you’re eligible for store visits. Your average in-store conversion rate: Of the customers who visit your
store after interacting with an ad, how many are likely to make a purchase? Your average order value in-store: What is the average order size of an in-store purchase? Work with your store manager to determine
the best average in-store conversion rate and average order value in-store. To calculate the value of your store visit conversion, multiply the average in-store conversion rate with the average order value. This is the value that you’ll add to
your store visit conversion action. For more step-by-step videos on Google Ads implementation
and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials. If you have any questions, or for more
information please visit Google Ads Help. [music continues]

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  1. Hi team i have a question if we promote our YouTube video through Google ads so later after fulfilling YouTube criteria can we monetize our Channel? I mean we are using paid traffic right? So paid traffic by Google ads creates any problem for approving YouTube Channel monetization?

  2. I called Google Ads support several times and they were unable to assist me with this feature. I really want this to be enabled on my account. Please help

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