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Google Ads Tutorials: Ensuring Search creative excellence

Google Ads Tutorials: Ensuring Search creative excellence

[light music] One of the foundational components of effective
Search advertising is compelling ad creative. Creating compelling ads allows you
to drive user engagement and increase the quality score of your ads. In this video, we will cover
three important steps to take in order to create compelling Search ads. First, optimized ad rotation. Second, ensuring three or more
ad extensions are enabled. Third, ensuring three or more
ads are enabled per ad group. Following these three simple steps will help
maximize performance in every ad group. The first step is to optimize ad rotation. Optimizing ad rotation allows you to
improve the quality and traffic of your ads, which tends to accrue more conversions
and simplifies campaign management. To ensure your ad rotation is optimized, navigate to Settings on the left hand
panel in your Search campaign. Select ‘Additional settings’. Then select ‘Ad rotation’. Select ‘Optimize: Prefer best performing ads’. Click ‘Save’. You can repeat these steps for all campaigns
to ensure all ads are optimized for ad rotation. The second step in creating compelling ads is ensuring that you have three or more
ad extensions enabled per ad group. Enabling three or more ad extensions, helps your
ad to stand out and drive more conversions. There are a number of ad extensions you can
choose from based on your marketing objective. For all marketing objectives, we recommend: Sitelink extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippet extensions. These extensions are easy to add. Navigate to the Ads & extensions tab on
the left panel of your Google Ads account. Then, select ‘Extensions’ at the top of the page. Click the blue plus button to select
the extension you’d like to add. Choose the extension you’d
like to add from the menu. Enter the relevant information for the extension; you will see a preview of
the extension as you create it. You can add these extensions
to all relevant Search campaigns. Click ‘Save’. The third step in creating compelling Search ads is ensuring three or more high-quality
ads are enabled per ad group. Distinct text ads allow you to
appeal to different customers. Ad groups with three or more
high-quality ads typically perform better. We recommend including at least one responsive
search ad with your two expanded text ads. Here are a few tips for creating
at least three compelling text ads. When writing headlines: Introduce your value proposition in your headline. Integrate your keywords into the copy, and for your branded campaigns, be sure to
use the name of your brand in the headline. When writing descriptions: Educate and inform your customers
about your products or services. Take full advantage of the character limits, and avoid using generic language. Make sure that your URL paths lead to the correct
destination and that they connect to user queries. For more step-by-step videos on Google Ads
implementation and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials
on the Google Ads YouTube Channel. If you have any questions,
or for more information please visit Google Ads Help. [music continues]

4 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Ensuring Search creative excellence

  1. U r advising to have 3 or more ads per ad group… i have total 9 campaigns and all have responsive search ads set…

    What i understood is responsive ads will have tens of thousands of ad combinations from Google’s artificial intelligence.

    And its working fine for me…

    Still i need to add three more ads?

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