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Google Ads Tutorials: Driving performance with Google Display

Google Ads Tutorials: Driving performance with Google Display

[light music] Google Search is a powerful way for your
business to reach new and returning customers who are searching for businesses like yours. But today’s online journey has become complex. Customers don’t always know what
exactly they’re looking for online, and often make purchasing decisions
based on what’s presented to them. Including Display in your holistic digital
strategy helps you reach customers at all points along this online journey. This includes, people with demonstrated
interests and passions, to those with intent to buy. By using Google Display ads to grow
your digital strategy beyond Search, your ads can show across three
million relevant websites and apps, reaching 90% of internet users with text,
images, and video that reflect your business. Whether or not you already run Search ads, Display ads can help you reach customers
across their complex and multistep journeys. There are many ways to reach
customers through Google Display. In this video, we’ll introduce how to build a
Display strategy for performance that’s based on your business’s goal. If you sell physical products on your website,
start with a Smart Shopping campaign. Smart Shopping campaigns use automated bidding
and targeting to show the right products from your inventory, to the right customers. This campaign reaches many audiences, from people who don’t know your business, to those who are already your customers. If you have separate creative assets
for reaching new customers, consider also running a Smart Display campaign alongside your Smart Shopping campaign to reach those customers. If you sell physical products in-store, think
about driving store visits with Local campaigns. If you sell non-physical products or services, or are driving leads on your website, start with a Smart Display campaign. Smart Display is the most effortless way to
reach more customers across Google Display. This campaign type automatically adjusts
your bids, creatives and target audiences, and learns who your potential
customers are in real time. For example, Smart Display can reach customers
who’ve already purchased from you, as well as people who don’t
know your business yet. To be eligible for Smart Display, you must use conversion tracking and meet the
conversion-based eligibility requirements. If Smart Display is an option
in your account, start there. If you’re not yet eligible for
Smart Display, you can reach new and existing customers with tailored messages
by building standard Display campaigns. This is an effective strategy for new or small
accounts with either no conversion history or small conversion volume. You can also run Smart Shopping, Local campaigns, or Smart Display alongside
standard Display campaigns. This will allow you to run targeted
promotions, while Smart campaigns will continuously find new customers. To drive your performance goals, these standard Display campaigns
should be powered by automation. This includes: Smart Bidding. With Smart Bidding, your bids
will be automatically set to maximize for conversions
in each and every auction. Responsive display ads. Responsive display ads are automatically
generated from the building blocks you provide, like headlines, descriptions,
logos, images and videos. They fit into almost all ad spaces across
Google Display to maximize reach, so the scale of their performance cannot
be matched by standard banner ads. Performance audiences. There are a wide range of intent-based
audiences that allow you to both reconnect with your existing customers and expand
your reach to new qualified customers. No matter how you get started, Smart
campaigns, Bidding, and Creatives, ensure you’re reaching your customers
no matter where their journey takes them. For more step-by-step videos on Google
Ads implementation and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials. If you have any questions, or for more
information please visit Google Ads Help. [music continues]

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  1. Hi Google
    I want to learn Google add ,adsense, marketing and tools, products etc.
    Which website is best?
    What you recomend me?

  2. How to get 10k install /day(Android games on google play)
    My app campaign always run. But never 10k install/day. Average install/month 100k. And only use google ads.help me.

  3. Google Ads blatantly stole $57.79 from me after Robert P. a Google customer service representative, deceived me telling me I would not be charged because I had $100 credit. when I called and complained, other customer service representatives told me that I needed to spend $50 first. so watch out, they will not give you the full details and then they will charge you and will try to give you credit in replacement for the cash they stole from you. no kidding! outright thieves, scamming frauds

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