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Google Ads Tutorials: Designing YouTube creative that drives action

Google Ads Tutorials: Designing YouTube creative that drives action

Great video creative is critical to the
success of a TrueView for action campaign, but good news: It isn’t rocket science. Every online marketer should be able
to guide the creation of an effective video ad, whether you’re using a creative agency, video production partner, or producing your own video. In this video, we’ll show you the ABCD
framework of effective video ads and how to use the YouTube Creative Directory to find a partner who can help you make one. TrueView for action ads is a space
for you to show and tell what makes your business great. It’s an opportunity for you
to introduce yourself, your product, the problem you solve, and the solution you offer. These are full sight and sound pre-roll video ads that include both a skip button
and a call-to-action button, so you know when people watch
and you know when they click. TrueView for action video
ads can be horizontal, vertical, or any shape. They can also be any length, although it’s usually recommended
to focus your message into a shorter ad between
15 and 30 seconds. No matter how you use this space
to introduce your business: Grab the viewer’s attention from the start, design for sound-on, and remember to have
a clear call-to-action or offer. “Order online today
and get 20% off” Let’s discuss how to outline
an effective TrueView for action ad. Most ads that drive action
generally follow a basic story arc. They establish a problem or need, introduce the product or
service as the solution, highlight and explain
additional features and benefits, and invite people to take action. This template is a flexible starting point. Some ads emphasize the
problem statement to prove why viewers need
the product or service. Other ads skip the problem statement and simply show off what
makes the product great. You can also try leading
with the call-to-action or offer. No matter who’s creating your ad, outlining the key moments in your ad is a great tool to help guide the creation process. When it’s time to actually produce the ad, follow the ABCDs of effective creative. Google conducted an analysis of
thousands of pieces of creative and found that effective ads on
YouTube usually do the following. A: Effective ads attract attention in the first 5 seconds. Front load your message and capture attention through fast pacing, tight framing around faces and products, and memorable imagery. B: Effective ads are also intentional about branding. Introduce your product or service in a way
that feels clear, authentic, and natural. Also remember to use
audio and visual cues like your logo, colors, or brand mascot. C: Effective ads connect with viewers. Now that you’ve hooked your audience
and introduced your brand, how do you keep them watching
and ensure your message resonates? Use functional messages that
convey the features and benefits of your product or service. Also, showing ‘everyday’ people
that look like your customer can create a connection and
increase product consideration. And finally, the D of ABCD: Direct the viewer to take action with a clear and specific
call-to-action or offer. This is critical if you’re trying
to drive clicks and conversions. Don’t forget, the majority of YouTube ads
are viewed on mobile devices, so zoom in on faces and products, use bright footage and colors, and ensure text is large enough
to read on a small screen. Ok, ready to create a
TrueView for action ad? Head on over to the YouTube Creative Directory at youtube.com/ads to find third-party video creation
partners who are ready to help. Partners are trained in
YouTube best practices and offer solutions across
a range of budgets and styles. Some creative partners
offer self-service tools that allow you to upload your
own images or video clips, or use stock video footage. This allows you to quickly
and efficiently create multiple ads from your own laptop. Other partners specialize in
full-service video production. They’ll help you develop a creative concept, and handle all aspects of
scripting, talent, filming and editing. For this option, we recommend budgeting several
thousand dollars and several weeks or more. And lastly, the YouTube Creative Directory
also includes partners who specialize in advanced editing services who can take your existing video
and edit it for you based on best practices. In youtube.com/ads, select the “Making a video ad” page, filter by the creative support you need, and then select and reach out
to a creative partner of your choice. That’s it! Whether you create a video ad yourself or work with a creative partner, you should now feel empowered
to guide the story arc and follow the ABCDs. For more step-by-step videos on Google Ads implementation and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials. If you have any questions, or for more information please visit Google Ads Help. [music continues]

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