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Google Ads Tutorials: Creating Local campaigns

Google Ads Tutorials: Creating Local campaigns

Local campaigns
make it easy to drive customers to your business’s physical location. This cross-channel campaign type
is solely focused on driving store visits and is designed for
advertisers with offline goals. For example,
a furniture store may use Local campaigns to drive customers to
browse and try furniture in person. Or a restaurant may use
Local campaigns to get more diners. You provide your store locations,
a campaign budget, ad text, images and video. Then machine learning automatically optimises
bids, ad placements and ad combinations so that you can promote your business
across Google properties and maximise your store visits. With Local campaigns,
your ads can appear: on Google Maps, when customers
search for locations like yours or explore a local area within Google Maps. In local results on Google Search when customers search for terms
relevant to your business and its location. On YouTube as a TrueView ad,
where your ads are most likely to be clicked. And across millions of
partner sites and apps on Google Display when customers browse online and use apps,
and are likely to visit your business. To set up a Local campaign,
you’ll need to meet the store visit conversion eligibility
requirements, and be reporting store visits. Only accounts that meet these requirements
will see the option to use Local campaigns. Let’s get started. From the page menu
on the left, click ‘Campaigns’. Click the blue plus button
and select ‘New campaign’. Click ‘Local store visits and promotions’,
then select ‘Local’ as the campaign type. You can choose to either use Google My Business
to select your store locations or, if you’re a manufacturer,
use affiliate locations to select stores
in which your products are sold. If you choose Google My Business,
you can select all locations in your account or a specific subset of locations. Please view the Help Centre for details
on the number of locations required. Continue through
the campaign creation process by selecting languages to target. Now enter a daily budget for the campaign. The default bidding strategy for Local campaigns is
‘Maximise conversion value’. This bid strategy
will automatically maximise the number of store visits
within your daily budget. To view the total conversion value
driven by your campaign you must first set a value for
your existing store visits conversion action. The default value is set to $1 but you can change it
under ‘Conversions’ in the ‘Tools’ menu. Ensure that you’re
following the best practices when setting a store visits value. Enter a start date and end date then click ‘Save and continue’. Continue through ad group creation
by providing your ad text, images and video. Ensure that you provide
multiple ad assets so that the system can test and optimise
for the best-performing combinations. Add your headlines. Enter up to five headlines to
catch the attention of potential customers. Make each of the headlines unique. Now enter your description. Enter up to five descriptions
that summarise your offer. Think about creating messaging
that fits a location-based mindset. Or, include offers like ‘15% off’ that could help entice
customers to visit your location. A call to action informs customers
of how to interact with your business. You can include up to five. Next, click the images and logos box
to upload images to use in your ads. Your campaign must have
at least one image and one logo although you can upload
up to twenty per campaign. Provide logos that are easily recognisable. Use the preview feature
to visualise how your ads may look when they appear across Google channels. Lastly, choose a video
that gets your message out quickly, ideally shorter than 20 seconds. Once you click ‘Save and continue’,
you can view a summary of the settings and your new campaign is ready. For more step-by-step videos
on Google Ads implementation and optimisation check out Google Ads Tutorials
on the Google Ads YouTube Channel. If you have any questions,
or for more information please visit Google Ads Help.

18 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Creating Local campaigns

  1. You should have a link to the page where we can learn more about the eligibility. I've not seen this option in my clients' accounts and i would like to have it.

  2. Very Useful, thanks. I would recommend people to use the Help center to see what the eligibility rules are.

  3. Hi, In my google ads account campaign type "Local store visits and promotions" is not showing. What can I do?

  4. How I can see my advertising campaign on Google after setting up Google advs? Because I set up location in Việt Nam but I live in Canada. How I can see it? Thanks

  5. Can you please explain new interface of AdWords to promote youtube videos… Thanks in advance

  6. Google Ads blatantly stole $57.79 from me after Robert P. a Google customer service representative, deceived me telling me I would not be charged because I had $100 credit. when I called and complained, other customer service representatives told me that I needed to spend $50 first. so watch out, they will not give you the full details and then they will charge you and will try to give you credit in replacement for the cash they stole from you. no kidding! outright thieves, scamming frauds.
    you would have to be a lawyer to do business with them.

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