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Google Ads Tutorials: Creating a TrueView for action campaign

Google Ads Tutorials: Creating a TrueView for action campaign

YouTube for action
is a combination of YouTube features that allow you to
focus on driving conversions. It includes a specific video format
called TrueView for action that makes it easy for
your customers to take action intent-based audience types
that help you reach the right people as well as improvements to
measurement in YouTube. In this video, we’ll discuss
the first part, TrueView for action. TrueView for action campaigns
help drive leads and conversions by adding prominent calls to action
and headline text overlays to your video ads. Using this video campaign subtype,
you can encourage customers to take action. Please note that these campaign only run
on the in-stream, skippable ad format. Let’s get started. In the “Campaigns” tab click the plus button
and start a new campaign. Select either the “Leads”
or “Website traffic” goal. Choose a “Video” campaign type and click “Continue.” Enter a name for your campaign. Set your daily budget. If you’re using “Target CPA”
as your bidding strategy it’s recommended that
your daily budget is 20x your target CPA. If you’re using “Maximize conversions” it’s recommended that
your daily budget is 10x your reported CPA. These budget settings
will allow enough conversions for the Smart Bidding algorithm
to adjust and learn. Set the budget delivery method
to “Standard” or “Accelerated.” The recommended setting is “Standard” in order to
spend your budget evenly over time. You can set the start
and end dates of your campaign if needed. Many advertisers use this type of campaign as an “always-on” campaign so there’s no need
to define the dates in that case. Under “Bidding,” set your bid strategy. TrueView for action campaigns work only
with “Target CPA” or “Maximize conversions.” Choose “Target CPA”
if you already know you target CPA. If you don’t know your target CPA or are running burst campaigns
that are shorter than two weeks choose “Maximize conversions.” If starting with “Target CPA” it’s important to define
the right target CPA for your campaign. If you’re running an existing video campaign that uses conversion tracking you can start with
the reported target CPA from that campaign. If you only run Display or Search campaigns set a conservative target CPA that is
higher than Search and similar to Display. Now, select languages and locations to target and enter a name for your ad group. Since we’ll explain
the “Audiences” section in a different video we’ll jump straight to
creating your video ad. However, don’t forget to add audiences later since this is where you define
which audiences to reach with your video ad. To create your video ad,
enter your video URL. Enter the “Final URL.” Enter the “Display URL,” which can be
a shorter version of the final URL or the same as the final URL. Enter a 10-character call to action. This should be compelling and direct people to
the website specified in the “Final URL.” Enter your 15-character headline. This will appear as the primary line of text
that promotes your product or service. Click “Save and continue.” Before enabling your campaign,
first preview your ad. You can find your ad in your campaign
under the “Ads & extensions” tab. Click the pencil button and choose “Preview.” After your campaign starts running make sure to wait 7–14 days
to allow the target CPA algorithm to adjust before making any changes. For more step-by-step videos
on Google Ads implementation and optimization check out Google Ads Tutorials. If you have any questions,
or for more information please visit Google Ads Help.

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