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Google Ads Trends in 2019 – Things to do now!

Google Ads Trends in 2019 – Things to do now!

Hi I’m Sam fields from Matter solutions
today we’re going to be speaking about what’s coming up in the future with
Google Ads today we’re going to speak about YouTube
lead ads cross device tracking the rise of voice search but first we need to
address the recent release of statistics by Google that state that mobile is now
where you’re getting the majority of your traffic with Google letting us know
that more than 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices you really do need
to optimize your landing pages and your ads to make sure that they give the best
experience while on a handheld device it’s also good to remember that everyone
now has a device that has voice search capabilities essentially this means you
must optimize your keywords to be longer tail and have a conversational style
this includes things like saying how to near me where and when when planning
your keywords just imagine yourself asking someone on the street for your
product or service with all that information how good is that the
Google’s recently brought out cross device tracking so what is cross device
tracking well imagine this you’re trying to target someone who has spent five
hundred dollars in your store in the last three months across device tracking
means that you’re able to target someone who has bought three hundred dollars
worth on your mobile and three hundred dollars on the desktop before cross
device tracking you would have seen those two three hundred dollar purchases
as being separate sessions cross device tracking is a massive step forward for
targeting finally we’re going to discuss YouTube lead ads which personally I
think is the most exciting essentially what it means is that when you’re on
YouTube you’re going to be able to collect people’s data without them
needing to come to your website this may come across a bit dodgy or a bit sketchy
but honestly it’s not you may have already heard about lead ads Facebook’s
had them for quite a while but YouTube is beginning to roll them out now one of
the reasons why I’m so excited about YouTube’s lead ads is because of the
potential 20:19 is going to be an awesome year
Google and of course for Google ad specialists like myself I’ve been saying
fields you’ve been you looking forward to seeing you again hit that like button
if you’ve know of any other trends that you want me to discuss stand it
downstairs in the comments and have a happy holidays

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  2. Have you been seeing a trend of shopping ads replacing search ads for e-commerce? I rarely see search ads for product on page 1 anymore. I only see search ads for products on page 1 of Bing

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