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Google Ads Training Videos | A Look Inside Our Members Area

Google Ads Training Videos | A Look Inside Our Members Area

Mike Mancini with PPCVideoTraining.com. Today, I’m going to give you a quick overview
of what to find inside our Google Ads Dashboard area where you can see what we have to offer
and how we can help you take your Google Ads to the next level. Your Dashboard is where you find everything. The first thing you’ll see is the PPC Profit
System. The PPC Profit System is set up for those
who have never set up a Google Ads account or who are very new to it. For example, maybe you set up an account,
and it never worked. Maybe you’ve never really done this before. Whatever it might be, whether you understand
the technology or not, we walk you through it step by step, everything from what is PPC,
what are you selling to how to set up call tracking to how to craft landing pages, so
on and so forth. This is where you would go to get your campaign
set up to get it up and running. Inside each video training area is broken
up into modules. Once you’re inside a module, you can keep
track of where you’ve been easily just by clicking the button here, letting the system
know that you have completed the module. As you can see, as you complete them, it checks
them off here on the right-hand side. Also, as you’re going through the modules,
if there is an attachment, whether it because a spreadsheet, a checklist, whatever it might
be, each one of those is attached below the corresponding video. Those tools are also available inside our
PPC Tools area so you can find them all in one spot at any time. In our next area, the Google Ads Optimization
area, this is where you would go once your campaign is up and running. Perhaps you’ve already set up a campaign in
the past, maybe you’ve had it running, but you’d like to understand or know what changes
you need to make. This is where you would go to do that. This is where it will show you how to find
out what’s wrong with your campaigns, how to improve them, where to start, what to do
on a regular basis to keep those campaigns moving forward. This is the area where the money is really
made. Next, we have our PPC Tools area. This is where we have all of our free tools
that we’ve actually built that we use in our PPC ads agency every day. These are tools that save us hours and hours
and hours of work when we set up each and every campaign. Also, they help us manage our campaigns and
help us figure out where the problems might be. All of these tools are absolutely invaluable
to us, and just these tools alone are worth hundreds of dollars. This is our Community area. This is our private Facebook group where we
can answer any questions that you might have, and you can also ask other members questions
about your Google Ads, what’s working best, what has changed, what’s not working as well
as it used to. You can talk to other like-minded business
owners and find out what’s working for them. Next, we have our YouTube video area. We make regular training and videos on YouTube
all the time, and we actually post them for you here so you have it all in one spot because
it’s not only Google Ads training. It’s digital marketing training as well. New and Updated. This is an area that keeps you updated to
what’s happening inside the courses. As technology changes, so does the course,
so what we do is we go through it and we make sure that all the videos are current. Once they’ve been updated, we let you know
here so that you can go in and keep up with the new videos as they’re added. We have our PPC News section. This is where we help you keep up with the
PPC news, and especially regarding Google Ads. We talk about Google Ads changes, what to
expect, what’s coming up, maybe that they’re getting rid of, so on and so forth. Then obviously, we have our Support area. This is where we will go if you have any problems
with payments, if you have any questions for us, if you’d like to talk to us about maybe
anything else, whether it’s one-on-one strategy sessions. Whatever it might be, this is where you would
go. Our Google Ads training is one of the most
in-depth training systems you will find anywhere. It is constantly being updated as things change,
and as we all know, Google changes quite often. It’s not a training course that will literally
just be sitting there and in five years be obsolete. It will be constantly up to date. We have organized it so you can find everything
that you would like to know quickly. Not only that, but the majority of our videos
are five minutes are less in length, and that is by design, one, because if there’s ever
something that changes in that video, we want to be able to make that change quickly and
have updated right away. The second reason is we want you to be able
to complete each video and get through it quickly. We understand that most people don’t have
a bunch of extra hours in the day to go through a course, so we break it up into bite-size
chunks, chunks that are easily digestible that you can complete quickly. If you’re still wondering what it’s like inside
our members area, here’s what’s some actual members have had to say. Rachel L. says, “I just wanted to say thank
you for your help with my business. Because of Google searches, I’ve received
at least five new clients in the past two weeks, and I’m now at the point of being full
with my client load and am considering one to two employees. Thanks so much. One of the best decisions I made for my marketing
my business.” Jessica V. says, “This course helped me a
ton with creating multiple changes at a time. The instructor was extremely helpful at answering
my questions along the way. I’m really glad I took this course.” Vicky B., “I recommend this class to anyone
who wants to get started with Google Ads.” Kin S., “Really good. I like this because it’s short and on-point. Every sentence is useful, not like other videos
out there that make me want to sleep.” Dave, “Mike knows how to provide clear, actionable
recommendations that we were able to put to use immediately. He skillfully keeps his training focused and
productive. If you are not getting the results you expect,
I’d recommend Mike.” Jessica, “Amazing class for PPC beginners
or small businesses.” Sharlene, “Highly recommended. They are fabulous and well worth the small
investment to help take your business to the next level.” Jesse M, “Mike really knows his stuff and
will give it to you straight. There’s no need to worry about being sold,
and it’s worth the time to learn from him to help you grow your business.” If you would like to join us inside our Google
Ads training area, we’d love to have you. Please go to ppcvideotraining.com, or if you
have any questions, by all means, send us an email to [email protected] We’d love to hear what questions you might
have, what you’re struggling with, and how we can help you get your Google Ads to become
everything you thought they could be for you and your business. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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