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Google Ads Target Specific Devices 2019

Google Ads Target Specific Devices 2019

Hi, my name is Erwin. In this quick video, I want to show you how
you can target specific devices in Google Ads because this wasn’t completely obvious
for me when I was trying Google Ads for my YouTube channel. After creating your campaign and adding some
ad groups with videos. You can select the campaign. Go to Settings. In the previous version of Google ads you
were able to set the device targeting right here. There is still if you expand Additional settings,
Devices. Here you can select all devices; computers,
mobiles, tablets, and TV screens or you can specify to only target mobile devices, and
when you target mobile devices you can also select the operating system, device models
and network. You can’t do this with computers, I create
Windows tutorials, it would be amazing if I could say, “I only want to target people
on Windows” but sadly that is not possible. Here you can only select all devices or only
target mobile devices. But what if you only want to target computers,
or only want to target tablets or TV screens. Then you need to go to Devices. Here you see the same devices types; mobile
phones, tablets, computers, and TV screens and there is a column to input bid adjustments. This will adjust your bid for this campaign
or the the ad group. Select Edit. Then you can choose Increase or Decrease your
bid. We are going to decrease it by 100%. Save it. Now my bid, my standard bid is 5 cents, my
bid for mobile phones will be zero, so it won’t show anymore. You can do the same for tablets. Decrease
100 Save
We do the same for TV screens. 100
Decrease Save
Now our bid for mobile phones, tablets and TV screens is zero and for computers is our
standard bid. We now made this bid adjustment on the campaign
level, but what if you want to run your channel trailer on all devices and your other videos
only on computers. Then you have to make adjustments on ad group
level. Let’s go to Channel Trailer. As you can see these are set to minus 100
because these are set at campaign level and when I try to change them, let’s say to zero,
you will see that we get an error message. “To set an ad group level bid adjustment,
change or remove the campaign level decrease of 100% for this device”. As you can see they don’t stack. When the campaign level one is -100%. Cancel
Go back to the campaign. Remove this. Save
The others as well. Then go to the Channel Trailer
You will see that they are all blank now. They use the standard bid. Go to, for example, Spotlight. And here you can set it to -100 again. This one also. And TV screen. Now the ads for my Channel Trailer will run
on every device and my Spotlight video will only run on computers. This is everything you have to do to target
specific devices. Let me know if this was helpful for you and
if it was, consider, subscribing and liking this video. If you want to see another video of mine;
on the left you find my latest upload, and on the right, you find a video selected by
Google just for you.

3 thoughts on “Google Ads Target Specific Devices 2019

  1. I didn't address this in the video but using Google Ads to promote my videos killed the average view duration for the videos. Be careful doing this!

  2. Thank you for this. I'd heard that mobile audiences are the main culprit of bad retention through Google Ads, so I'm trying to disable them.

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