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Google Ads Sizes | Google Ads Image Sizes with Free PDF

Google Ads Sizes | Google Ads Image Sizes with Free PDF

Today, you’re going to learn what sizes Google
display ads can be shown in. We’re going to show you which ones are the
best performing, as well as how we go about building multiple ads very, very easily and
very, very quickly. If you stick around to the end, I’ll show
you how you can get this PDF with all of the Google display ad sizes, so you can print
it off and have it sitting next to your desk. Stay tuned. If you like videos about Google ads, do us
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week. Hi, I’m Mike Mancini, a Google ads agency
owner, a trainer, and a consultant. I’ve been working with Google ads for more
than 15 years. Let’s dive right in, so we can talk about
the Google display ads, what kinds of ads that you can use that are the best performing
ones, because you don’t have to have all of them. Also, we’re going to show you exactly how
we create our ads and a little quick software tip, so you can do them very quickly, very
easily, and you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to do it. All right. Let’s get started. Now, when we’re talking about Google display
ad sizes, these are the ones that are actual image ads. If we’re talking about search ads, those are
the ones that are more text. When you go to google.com and you type in
plumber, you will see a text ad. Display ads are typically ones that you will
see on other websites, such as a news website where you see an actual banner ad up on that
website. Those are called display ads. So, what we did in this situation was we actually
went straight to the source itself. We went right to Google, right onto their
website, but it gives you all of the ad size, but it also breaks it down as far as top performing,
meaning the ones that actually bring in the most clicks, the most conversions, the most
business for people, and then other supported ad sizes. Now, this is just a personal preference, but
… Oh. And let me also touch on, there are also some
regional ad sizes that are in like Denmark, Norway, Russia, and those are broken down
more at the bottom. We typically stick to the most top performing
ad sizes, because obviously they are the most top performing. But another thing is when you are going through
and making ads, you don’t need to make ads for absolutely everything. For instance, if you’re not doing any mobile
ads, which is a little unusual if you’re not, but if you’re not doing any mobile ads, chances
are you don’t need the large mobile banner. But what I will tell my clients is if you
are going to be doing ads, you typically want to stick with these five top performing ad
sizes. Once again, we’ve got this all put into a
PDF for you that looks like this and actually you can print it out. I’ll show you how to get that in just a second. But right now what I want to show you is I
also want to show you exactly how we make our ads, because if you’re making a single
ad and you’ve got to do it five different ways, it can get very monotonous. So, let’s go through and I’ll show you how
we do it very quickly. Here we are at Canva.com. We use Canva for absolutely everything, because
it saves us from having to hire a designer, unless we’re doing something very elaborate. It really is more just fill in the blank,
and it works. It’s so easy to use. I hate messing with graphics. I’m not very good at it. This is something I found about a year ago,
and I can’t live without this tool. You go to canva.Com, click in the box. Go down and click on custom dimensions. Then we’ll start with the first one. Let’s say the medium rectangle is 300 pixels
by 250. that’s one of the most popular sizes. Make sure it’s set for pixels here. Create new design. Now, you can see they have a bunch of templates
already over here. Now, what the thing is is some of these are
free. Some of them you have to pay for. Let’s say we have a restaurant, and we’re
going to promote a restaurant. Let’s see. There’s got to be something in here. Yeah. Beer open bar. You just literally click that, and here’s
exactly what pops up. Now, you can click and you can change the
background. You can change any of this here. Maybe open let’s say it’s a taco bar. Let’s just get rid of the beer, and let’s
just say it’s an open taco bar, and it’s Tuesday nights from 5:00, to 9:00 PM. Now let’s say you also want to change the
color of this. Let’s just say we want it, I don’t know, red
and this one red as well. Maybe those are the colors of your business. You can change the font, and you can italicize. You can do all of these different things just
by pointing and clicking. It’s very, very simple, but this is not a
Canva tutorial. This is something I’m just showing you how
to do it and how to get different sizes. Once you’re done with this, you can click
… Let’s just say we want to name it. This was the 300 by 250 ad. Now, once you have the ad the way you want
it, all you simply do is go up here to this arrow, download it, and download it to your
computer. Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to change
up the ad size. Let’s say the next ad size that you want to
use … Let’s change the name right away, so we know what it is, 336 by 280. Then you would just go click it. You would click resize, custom, 336 by 280,
and resize. You can see it just literally did that and
made it bigger. Then you would download. Click the download button. Download it again, and it will save it as
what you’ve named it here. Then let’s say we want to make a different
size, like a more unusual size. Lets say we’ve already done this. We’ve already downloaded it. Let’s go. Let’s do a half page ad, so 300 by 600. let’s go to resize, custom dimension, 300
by 600, resize. As you can see … and let’s put it so with
fits on the page. There’s a lot of writing down here, but maybe
what you want to do is you can just go ungroup. Maybe you want to put specials at the top,
make it a little bit bigger. Then we can go open taco bar and make that
bigger obviously. Let’s go a little bit bigger than that. That’s a little bit too big. Then down here maybe you want to make this
bigger as well. Let’s do something like that. There you have your other size, and you download
that one as well. But that is how you can go through and essentially
get these Google display ads, get a bunch of them done very, very quickly, basically
so you don’t end up having to hire a graphic designer if you’re doing some very simple
ads. Now, you might want to, depending on … Maybe
some people just aren’t very creative, or they don’t want to be, and they do hire a
graphic designer, but this is a program that we’ve started using a ton, especially when
we’re trying to test ads. It can get expensive if you’re hiring graphic
designers to say, “Hey, I want this ad, but I want five different versions of it, because
I need one for each one of these ad sizes, and we’re going to test against some other
ones.” Then you end up buying two sets of ads. Which display ad sizes work best for you in
your business? Is it the mobile banners? Is it the rectangles? Do us a favor. Let us know in the comments below which ones
work best for you. If you’d like a printout of the exact size,
as well as the best performing sizes for your Google ads, you can download this PDF right
now. There is a link in the description area below. If you like this video, do us a favor. Hit that like button below, and check out
some of our other videos to the right, our newest one about site link extensions, as
well as six reasons why your Google ads might not be showing up. Thanks so much for stopping by. See you next time.

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  1. I've been having trouble downloading the Google adword editor is there another way that I can get this tool or is it just my computer is on compatible with the software

  2. What display ad sizes have performed best for you and your campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.

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