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Google Ads Reports |Campaign performance in AdWords |Google Adwords Tutorial | Manipal ProLearn

Google Ads Reports |Campaign performance in AdWords |Google Adwords Tutorial | Manipal ProLearn

(upbeat music) – [Female Voice] Subscribe to our channel and click on the belike so that you don’t miss out on our updates and get notified about our new videos. (upbeat music) – [Male Voice] You can
use standard reports to monitor how your ads are performing, and find opportunities for improvement. You can also use tools to
get deeper insight into your campaign performance. Let us look at the standard
data you get from ad words about your campaign. So select, search campaign from here and then I can see and
overview of performance of all the search campaigns
within my account. I can see total clicks,
number of impressions, cost per click, and total cost. If I scroll down I can see high level campaign specific data the keywords which are getting clicks the search terms which are triggering ads the best performing ads and so on and so forth. Now let me deal down into
specific campaign ency the data for specific campaign now let me deal down into
this particular campaign for this particular campaign I am now getting the overview record I can see which keywords
are bringing in perfect which searches are triggering the ads, the geographies
are sending people how ads are doing or duration
of a day or course of a week all this is good information to get an overview, but we really need to deal
down to get action level inside so let us look at some reports so you’ll go to report
and you’ll look at the predefined reports and the
first report I want to look at it the timing report so let me go to day of the week report if I look at this report, I can see that more or less the ad is
performing very consistently a across all the day in the week but for some reason Wednesday’s
seems to be really low cost per click and on Tuesday’s
click to rate is the lowest why would that be? The first thing I want to look at is the duration of the report as you can see it is only
showing data for 7 days so lets change that let me go back and look at data for 3 months instead of 1
week and see what happens the CPC is very consistent
the CTR is very consistent so you can see that when I
expanded the date duration basically I increased the data points the variation in the performance reduced this is one of the things
you need to be aware off the data that you use for analysis should be large enough to draw conclusions ideally you should look
at 3 months of data to eliminate and localized issues. Now let us look at another report, let us look at geographic
reports and user location. You can see in which cities or state that the ad is doing better. One of the uses of this report is if I see a specific location that is doing better than others then I can create a separate
campaign for that location with more customized ads and bets. To get even better results let us look at another report, the search terms report, this report shows you searched
terms that triggered the ad if you use only exact match keywords then this report will show very close variants of pure keywords since I have used
broadmax for some keywords you can see some terms that are not relevant
at all for my video ad. That is running for example let us look at this keyword, how to use google keyword planner now this keyword is not at all relevant for my google web master tools video, but I got 2 clicks from this searched term the problem is that those people were probably looking for something else and would have not watched my video so my money is wasted. The search term triggered this ad because the search term contained the word google clearly we need to stop the ad from showing from searched terms there 2 ways for us to do that. I can easily add all
unwanted terms to my campaign as negative keywords, or I can change the match type to exact let us go back and look
at the quality score for the key words I’ve
used in this campaign, you can see that the
quality score is 6 or 7 for most of the keywords. A score of 7 is good but
we should try to get to 8 you can see that there is scope
for them to improve keyword quality score for most keywords, increasing the quality
score can further bring down my cost per click . (upbeat music) – [Female Voice] Hey, thanks for watching. Do like the video. Share it. And also don’t forget to
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