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Google Ads ReMarketing – ReReMarketing.

Google Ads ReMarketing – ReReMarketing.

If you are doing it right, the conversion
rate on Google is between 2% to 10%. Which means, if you are getting 100 clicks,
you should sell for 2 to 10 members. But if you want to increase sales, you should
not stop with marketing. You have to do Re-Marketing, Re-Re-Marketing,
Re-Re-Re-Marketing, Re-Re-Re-Re-Marketing. It sounds crazy, but it works every single
time. And it increase the sales like crazy. Hi! everyone, I’m Sundeep and welcome to our
YouTube channel. In this channel we talk all about digital
marketing. In this video we are going to talk about very
advanced technique called Re-Marketing. Anyone can do marketing, that is not your
greatness, that is google’s greatness. But only intelligent people and smart people
and smart companies can do Re-Marketing. Re-Marketing increases sales like anything. Whenever you show your Ads to thousands of
people on the Internet, two thins will happen. One, You will get 2% to 10% direct sales. At the same time you will get 80% of the people
who are landing on your landing page or your website who clicked on the Ad but didn’t take
any action. Now you should not leave these people just
like that, They are hot leads. Using google you can drop a cookie in their
browser, and later on you can show a specific ad for this people. And you can start getting the conversions. And again after this layer you will have, One You will get sales. Another thing. you will get people who didn’t take any action
on your website. And you can show another specific Ads to this
particular audience. Again two things will happen. One, You will get sales and you also getting people who didn’t take any action on your website. Again you can show different Ad to this particular
people. Again two things will happen. One, people will purchase and two, you will
be having people who didn’t take any action on your website. And this funnel will go on and on and on. Guys one thing you need to observe here. Re-Marketing is very cheap compared to marketing. In marketing you will spend $20 per click. In Re-Marketing you will spend hardly 10 cents
per click. That is the power of Re-Marketing. And the conversion in Re-Marketing is very
high. Let’s take an example of amazon. Whenever you click an Ad of amazon, It won’t
leave you right there. It will start showing you different Ads saying “Hey! 20% OFF. Take action right now” If you didn’t take
action right here after a week it will show you a different Ad saying “Hey! 30% OFF. Take action right now.” If you didn’t click on that, it will do Re-Re-Re_marketing
again showing “Hey! 90% OFF. Take action today.” That is how you need to Re-Marketing to convert
your leads into clients. Do you really want to know the power of Re-Marketing? In our agency, we do crazy Re-Marketing. If someone click on google Ad, on facebook
we will show saying like “Hey! you clicked on our google Ad. That’s why we are giving you 20% OFF.” If you are clicking our Ad on facebook, then
we will target you on google, Instagram and everywhere. That is how you need to plan. Re-Marketing is a crazy world. You need to start using Re-Marketing efficiently. to grow your business. If you want me to show all this campaign on my
google’s Dashboard practically please leave a comment below. So i can make another video showing just practical
stuff how you can create all this campaign on your google Ads account. If you like this video please do like the
video and subscribe the channel to know our upcoming videos. Thank you. Have a Good one.

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