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Google Ads Remarketing Audience – Bouncers

Google Ads Remarketing Audience – Bouncers

Hello, before you start setting up a remarketing
campaign for your Google Ad campaigns, you need to build an audience list. So, in this
video I’m going to show you how to create an audience list from Google analytics and
then import them into Google ads. Hello, my name is Uzair and thanks for joining
in. If you like videos this one, then please don’t forget to subscribe and you’ll be the
first one to be notified when I upload similar videos like this one. In, this video, I’m
going to show you how to create a remarketing audience list in Google Analytics, which can
then be imported in Google Ads and can be used for remarketing purposes. So, let’s go
onto our Google Analytics dashboard. From your admin at the bottom left, go to audience
definitions, and then audiences, create a new one, create new, and then under conditions
you go to add content type in ‘session d’ and you will see Session Duration. So we want
to go less than or equal to five seconds or if you want to put in a different time range
or duration you can. But I usually keep my bouncers five seconds or less. Apply, membership
duration is 30 days and I’m gonna name it Bouncers, and then you are going to link it
to your Adwords account. So you need to have your Google Adwords or Google Ads account
linked to analytics. Check that, publish, and you have created your audience list for
all those people who bounce off your website or landing page. So this is how easy it is to create your audience
list in Google Analytics. That’s it for this video. I’ll see you in the next one. If you
have any comments or questions, please do put them in the comment box below and I will
do my best to answer them for you. Thanks for joining in. Bye for now.

9 thoughts on “Google Ads Remarketing Audience – Bouncers

  1. hi Sf Digital Studios

    i having a problem with dynamic Remarketing i want to retarget cart abandoners with the products they have added to carts by dynamic ads!

    can this be done by creating re-marketing list with a rule (people who visited page contains '/cart') ?

    how to change the value below is example . i am using shopify for ecommerce.

    gtag('event', 'page_view', {

    'send_to': 'AW-784029691',

    'ecomm_pagetype': 'replace with value',

    'ecomm_prodid': 'replace with value',

    'ecomm_totalvalue': 'replace with value',

    'user_id': 'replace with value'

    please answer this as soon as possible

  2. Why would you want a list of bouncers? Is it to exclude them from ads? Is it to target them? Since they bounced so quickly they likely came by accident or didn’t find what they wanted so not sure if you would run to run paid ads to them or not. Interested in your thoughts.

  3. Hello, How can you messure a time of 5 sek for a bouncer, who did no second click on you side? He start the session and "x" after some seks, so how should anayltics get the time he was on the page?

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