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Google Ads Promotion Extension

Google Ads Promotion Extension

– Hey everybody, Adam
Arkfeld with ParaCore. And today we’re gonna do a little bit of a holiday themed video
related to promotion extensions. As you can see on my
screen, it is October 30th, and we’re coming up on the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping seasons. So, one way to take advantage
of those shopping seasons is to be using a holiday
promotion extension if you are running AdWords campaigns. So in this video I’m gonna
go over how to find them, what they look like, and how
you can best utilize them for your online shopping
or for your holiday season. Alright? So, as you can see in the interface here, we’ve got our standard
AdWords new interface deal. Might not be new when
you’re watching this. But when you head over
to ads and extensions, and you can either go to
a campaign or you can go to an ad group our your
entire account, whatever. And when you hit this
little plus button here, you’re gonna see all of your extensions. So you’ve got sitelinks,
callouts, all these you’re probably used to;
and at the very bottom we have promotion extensions, alright? So, when you hit the promotion extension, here is the interface that’s given to you in order to design your promotion. So we’re gonna add this to the account. And then you get to select an occasion. So, you know, they pulled
some of the major holidays in here so that you can say, we’re gonna start with Cyber Monday. We’ll do that, alright? Once you select these different
options, you’re gonna see the interface on the right
side, the preview change. And that’s really cool,
because it allows you to see what your ad’s gonna look like. And then this little radio guy here, highlight promotion extension,
if you turn this off, it’s really just gonna show you exactly what your ad looks like. If you turn it on, then it
highlights what you’re changing in your promotion. So it’s just a cool
way to be able to focus on what you’re changing
versus what you’re not. And then turning it on and off. So, I kinda like it off,
I think it looks cleaner. It’s more real world. So I’m gonna leave it off, but just know that you can make that
change at anytime, alright? So here we get to choose the occasion. Then you get to choose the
language, and then also the currency that you’re working in. So you can choose any of these. I have no idea what most of these are. I think that’s rubles perhaps. So choose your currency,
and then you get to choose different promotion types. So an actual monetary
discount, a percentage, up to a monetary discount,
or up to a percentage. So I’m gonna say up to, and
then I’m gonna say $50 off. So on the preview here,
you can see it says up to $50 off item. If I do monetary discount, $50 off. If I do percent discount,
then I’m gonna do 25% offer up to 25%, okay? So that’s really cool, it shows you exactly what it’s gonna look like. You have a couple different options. You can give an exact
discount, or you can give an up to discount if you have a range in discounts available, okay? So item here, we’re just
gonna do new sweet shoes. Right? So, up to 25% off new sweet shoes. And then you have 20 character count here. And so that gives you that language. Now again, if I wanna just
change this to 25% off. So it’s building out the ad for you that you can see on the right hand side. I’m gonna put in ParaCore’s
website, just for fun. (computer keys clicking) And then we’re gonna
do promotional details. So we can do an orders over,
you know, $500 for example. So this gives another
line here at the bottom. You also have a promo
code that you can add in, you know, one, two, three,
four, five promo code. So that allows you to
sync up your e-commerce, your website, with the promo
code that’s being shown. And then you can also select dates that you want the promotion to run. So this is really cool,
because on the holidays, if you’re running an AdWords campaign, and you’re running it for,
let’s say, Black Friday, on Thursday you’re gonna
be with your family probably eating some turkey,
and you don’t really wanna be rushing over to your laptop
and turning on promotions for like 10 clients if you’re
running a bunch of clients or you’re running your own or whatever. So here you can just change
it so that it selects the date, I think it’s the
23rd this year, I don’t know. So we’re gonna do the 22nd, and then we’re gonna do this one here. I don’t even remember
if I chose Black Friday or Cyber Monday, I chose Cyber Monday. Alright, so we will go to Monday, oh geez. Monday and then this will
turn off on Monday, okay? So, that’s great because
that then will just kick in the Cyber Monday promotion right when Cyber Monday comes around. So again, being able to schedule it. Now what I would highly
recommend is going in and checking and confirming,
that it’s actually running and that it’s getting impressions and that it’s working correctly. But just so you know, it
will kick on automatically. You also have URL options,
which allow you to create a tracking template just on
this link, which is really cool, just on this promotion. And then you have
additional advanced options, which is the mobile, you
know, basically saying is it eligible to show on
mobile and on what dates? And so you have additional options here. So this is really cool because this is the date of the promotion. And then down here, you can
do more extension scheduling for days and hours or add a schedule, which is really, really,
really nice, okay? Display promotion dates,
I got ahead of myself, are the dates right here. So valid November 26th. So this is just a visual thing. So let’s say that your Cyber
Monday deal is available all from Saturday until the 26th. So here it says code one,
two, three, four, five, valid November 24th through November 26th. And then you get down here
for the scheduling, excuse me. Select the date you wanna
start, all days and hours, or you can add a schedule. So you can get really,
really, really refined if you want to, which is just
great for your promotions. So you can start it off
at 8 PM on Thanksgiving or starting off at midnight
or whatever works best for you and your business, okay? So the promotion
extensions is really cool. This is gonna be extremely valuable. We start using this a
lot around Thanksgiving for Black Friday, Cyber Monday. There’s usually a little
bit of a down time right before the Christmas season. And then you ramp it up
around Christmas time again. But we use this on a lot
of different clients. So, that’s it, that’s the overview of your promotion extension. As always, please let me know
if you have any questions. Comment below, like the video,
subscribe to our channel, and head over to ParaCore.com. Or send me an email
that’s in the description if you’re interested in
chatting about PPC, ParaCore, or pay-per-click lead generating
agency to help you out. So, thanks a lot, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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