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Google Ads PPC Keyword Research Tool | Adwords Spreadsheet

Google Ads PPC Keyword Research Tool | Adwords Spreadsheet

Hi, my name is Mike Mancini with PPC
Video Training com. Thanks so much for joining us today. This
video is going to be going along with our PPC Google Ads keyword spreadsheet.
Now why did we develop the spreadsheet? Because it helps us keep organized as
far as when we’re putting our campaigns together, keeping our ad groups and our
keywords in one spot so we can see how they’re put together, what keywords are
in what ad groups, and then also change the bids and the match types and we get
a little technical in it but we show you how to do it in the video following this
and what it does is it helps you do it all in bulk and then you literally take
all of this and upload it in one mouse-click up to Google using the
AdWords editor once again we will show you how to do all of that it’s rather
simple down below in the description there were there is a link where you can
get the keyword spreadsheet for free so feel free to do that
also if you like this tool or you like our videos please subscribe to our
channel or share it with someone who might find it valuable and let’s get
started with the training alright so as you go through and you gather your
keywords you’re gonna want to put them all in one area kind of compiled a
keyword list that makes it easy to upload them to Google when that time
comes so below this video we have a link to an Excel spreadsheet that will look
exactly like this this is the tool that we use when we’re compiling our keyword
lists you can do this easily in Google Documents as well or any other type of
software you want to do it or however you want to sort it this is just how we
do it because it makes it quick and simple and easy to organize and sort and
different things like that so what we do is as we’re going through we take our
keywords now obviously this is for heating and air conditioning company
these are the ones that we came up with that we might have put into Google or
you know that we started out with so we just put them under the keyword heading
now as we did a search through Google and through the other steps Google came
back with what’s called ad groups and then the keyword put into these ad
groups and as you can see the furnace cleaning furnace cleaning cost cleaning
furnace these are all keywords that were put into this ad group
by Google so they’re pretty tightly knit meaning that we don’t have furnace
installation in the furnace cleaning ad group all of these keywords have to do
with furnace cleaning and you can see as we scroll down there’s quite a few
keywords in quite a few ad groups now we’re gonna be making ads for each one
of these ad groups but all of these keywords need to be in an ad group so
what I’m gonna do is take a look at some of the different ones furnace repair
furnace replacements now what I want you to do is take all of these keywords that
do not have an ad group and put them in an ad group now if you don’t find one
that they might fit in make one up so maybe you don’t have one that says
air-conditioner installation and maybe that’s the one that you come up with but
I want you to find the corresponding ad groups and go ahead and put them in
there put the correct ad group here I’m gonna pause the video and do that now
alright now what I want you to do is I want you to go up here and I want you to
highlight both of these and on Microsoft Excel you can go up to data and you can
sort and I want you to sort them all by column a which is the ad group sort by
the values a to Z all right these are already sorted in alphabetical order
what I want you to do is go through and make sure that all of these are the same
so furnace cleaning is spelled the same way and is capitalized the same way
let’s show you an example as you were going through if you typed in furnace
cleaning and furnace was not capitalized but the rest of these it is Google will
consider this and this different ad groups so make sure that they’re the
same it’s just something that you can run into later that we’re gonna try and
avoid doesn’t matter if they’re capitalized or not as long as they all
match now you can see this here as well all of these keywords right here were
furnace cost just like they are right there what we did was we went through
and we want to keep our ad groups relatively small meaning that our
preference most of the time is to keep them 15
keywords are smaller so if we have a bunch of keywords in one AD group we
will divide that ad group up and call it something different maybe furnace cost
215 keywords is a guideline some experts will say more some will say less but
typically we usually keep them at 15 or under and as we scroll down we just make
sure that they’re all named the same thing we got down here at the bottom and
there’s heating repair and then there was a lot of them so we kind of divided
those up and you can see we did the same for HVAC all right so we have our
keyword list what I want you to do is highlight both of these columns copy
them and go down here to final keyword list and I want you to paste them right
here and their ad group and keyword now you can name your campaign whatever you
want maybe you want to name it 2017 maybe you
want to you know name it sales whatever you want we’re just gonna name our
search and we just put those there as a guideline make sure all of your ad
groups and keywords have that next to it so you can copy and paste those down and
you can see it’s all the way down there go back up to the top so over here in
the keyword type column we haven’t listed as phrase now to give you an idea
what the keyword types Google has five keyword types if you go down here to the
bottom there is a tab called types go ahead and click on that will run you
through it so the type of keyword could be a broad match keyword which means if
your keyword is blue trucks and somebody in Google types this in by blue trucks
trucks that are blue blue extended cabs which is a synonym for trucks your ad
could show up so once again synonyms you can use instead of blue it might be aqua
but it’s very expansive group of keywords we don’t typically use it all
that much unless we’re doing research the next keyword type is modified broad
which is listed like this with a plus sign so what we’re saying is it has to
have these keywords somewhere in the search so no synonyms so if somebody
types in by blue trucks or trucks that are blue then your ad could show up
because it has those exact keywords but in any order so once again the broad
match we don’t use too terribly much but if we were to use a broad match modified
broad is the way to go because it’s using the exact keywords it’s not
listing in any synonyms the next group is phrase match which is the one we use
the most of and what that means is it has to be in the exact order so if
somebody types in blue trucks our key our ads could show up if somebody types
in by blue trucks the best blue trucks blue trucks for sale it’s got blue
trucks exactly how we typed it in in that order but it allows her keywords
before and after the next one is exact match
now exact match is exactly what it sounds like if somebody types in blue
trucks our ad will only show up if they type in just that keyword in just that
keyword alone nothing before nothing after just blue trucks that’s the only
time our ad will show it is the most restrictive keyword type so it won’t get
a ton of impressions but if that’s exactly what you’re going after and you
want no variation whatsoever then that might be the way to go but typically we
will leave a little bit of wiggle room which is why we use phrase match now
Google has stated that 20% of all searches are keywords that nobody has
typed in before we want to leave a little bit of leeway there the last
group is negative now negative keywords are where we don’t want our ads to show
up so if somebody maybe our negative keywords are free cheap inexpensive if
somebody types in cheap blue trucks our ads will not show if they try pin blue
trucks that are cheap if that negative keyword cheap is anywhere in that
keyword search Google will not show our ads and those are very very important to
have as well so let’s get back to the final
keyword list we typically start with phrase but you can do whatever you want
as you can see over here we have listed how they get typed in with the plus
symbols and that in the brackets and everything you don’t have to worry about
that because we’re telling Google right here what keyword type we want to use so
we’re just gonna use phrase you need to have that next to all of them and then a
maximum cost-per-click we don’t know exactly what it’s gonna cost but we want
to put the maximum amount we’re going to allow least initially for our ads to run
maybe it’s two three four you need to remember that these are gonna be
adjusted later but if you don’t bid high enough your ads will not even show up so
typically we will start these around three or four dollars you can put
whatever you want but maybe just because you’re starting out let’s just split the
difference and we’ll go let’s say 250 all’s you have to put in is 2.5 you
don’t have to worry about the dollar sign or anything
copy that all the way down and paste it now we’re going to click over to
negative keywords right here we’re just gonna make a list of keywords that we
don’t want our ads to show up if anybody types this in so we might say free is
always one that you want to put there especially if you’re selling services
free cheap inexpensive maybe we’re heating an air conditioning company just
residential maybe we do not do commercial work so in here you would put
commercial you don’t have to type a ton in here but these are just a few to get
an idea I would always add in free cheap
inexpensive you know different things like that if you don’t do any deals type
in deals whatever it might be but you need
I would always at least put these in there to kind of exclude the people that
are looking for basically you know a free lunch and once you’re done with
that you now have your keyword list complete
all right this video is going to be how to upload your keywords and your ads to
Google AdWords by using AdWords editor we told you before the reason that we
use AdWords editors because of the speed that we can do all of this we don’t have
to do ads one at a time and upload them that way we don’t have to type in the
individual keywords we can literally copy and paste so when you open up
AdWords editor you’re gonna see this you’re gonna see your account here click
on it to open it up obviously we’re gonna black these out because these are
some of our clients we set up a test campaign but click on the account that
you want to upload your ads to and your keywords alright we actually called this
our testing account so when we set this up we had a just a dummy campaign in
here we just called it campaign number one it doesn’t have any keywords or ads
or anything like that so if you want to get rid of it just to get it out of the
way you can click on it you can click on remove now it will remove this after a
period of time nothing you have to worry about right now but what we want to do
is willing to upload our keywords and we want to upload our ads so let’s go to
our keyword sheet and here we have our final keyword list and you can see we
have campaign name ad group keyword keyword type and then the maximum cost
per click but you can change all of this later it’s not a big deal right now but
what we want to do is we want to go and we want to highlight all of this
including the headers so you want to highlight all of it and click on copy go
back to Google AdWords editor go down here and click on this little arrow next
to keywords and targeting and go to keywords click on keywords then go up
here and click on make multiple changes now we copied our headers so we don’t
have to go and enter anything in here so make sure that it says my data headers
my data includes columns for campaigns and/or ad groups make sure that’s
checked click right there and then you can paste everything you can just click
paste from clipboard as you can see because we copied our headers in here it
automatically fills them in go down here to the bottom right and click on process
you can see it added our campaign which was searched is what we are calling it
it added 29 ad groups so it added all these ad groups and it added 213
keywords which is correct because it says 214 but the header counts as one so
213 keywords which is right go ahead and click on finish and review changes now
it says a status pending review Google will approve all of the keywords and ads
and everything before they actually let it go now you can see we have an error
here so you can go to campaigns click on that the error is highlighted by the red
exclamation point and you can click on where the error is and it will tell you
down here it says your daily budget is invalid change your daily budget to be a
positive value so basically we just don’t have a daily budget so you can go
right over here and and for right now we’re just gonna say one dollar that’s
all we’re gonna do we’ll mess with this later I’ll show you something else to do
but the error is gone now once you’re done with your keywords you will
normally upload your ads but we kept that for a separate video because we
have a different tool that we use to help craft our ads and down below in the
description you should find a link to our Google expanded text ads generator
it’s a spreadsheet that we put together that helps us craft multiple ads per ad
group and once again we just upload them all at once right to Google during this
process but in this particular process what we’re doing is we just uploaded our
keywords keep continuing to watch the video we’ll show you how to post those
but typically right after we would upload our keywords we would upload our
ads and then it would all be done but just wanted to give you a heads up we’re
just uploading our keywords right now at this time so make sure that you watch
the rest of the video so you know exactly what you should do as far as
making sure your account is paused so on and so forth okay here we go once you’re
done with all that and all the warnings are gone and there’s no errors or
anything like that you can click on post this will come up and it will say post
the changes to post all changes or just the selected campaign
we can just post all the changes click on post I’m not going to do that because
this is a test campaign right now all right now real quick before you hit the
post button to make all of these ads active remember we just uploaded a new
campaign right here’s a campaign that was not in the system yet so when we
upload this stuff it’s going to be live before we do that let’s go in here and
we want to pause that campaign so go up to search click on it and highlight it
and that will highlight the entire campaign you must highlight the entire
campaign otherwise you will only pause a single ad group then to pause all the
campaigns you can go up here and you can click on the green button and you can go
down to pause or you can just highlight that and then down here right here it’s
under status you can click on enable or pause so until we’re ready to go make
sure that that is paused you know once right before we launch it
will go through and double check all the settings and make sure it’s ready to go
but right now let’s keep that on pause another thing but so we don’t forget
this we don’t want display ads we want search Network only make sure you change
that as well everything else should be okay for now we will review it before we
launch the campaign thanks so much for watching our video if you enjoyed it
please like or subscribe to our channel or share a video with someone who might
find interesting or if you know someone who is in need of PPC or Google ad
services please forward our information to them we’d love to help thanks so much

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  1. Mike much love from India my friend. People don't understand the value of these videos but you don't know how much value they hold for a person like me who is struggling to learn Google ads and related stuff. Please keep making such videos and all the very best.

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