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Google Ads Physiotherapy Case Study – Get Better Physiotherapy

Google Ads Physiotherapy Case Study – Get Better Physiotherapy

What’s the leads being like since you started working with us? Your Easy Web Solutions Yes, so it has been seven months Since we have been started with you guys And, from week 2. We can felt the changing leads. Type of calls are more straight forward and easily to completed to our booking I think it came down to actually how we educate the calls before they actually pick up the phone and give us a ring And I think the landing page what you built that working really well And secondly would you recommend Your Easy Web Solutions to other businesses and if so why? I do definitely recommend you guys because we dealt with a few contractors who managed our account. And it was no changes and not telling how well they were doing But yeah, again. Two weeks, we definitely saw the differences. We actually saw that works have been done. And it was what we needed. Definitely recommend you guys. You are opening a new clinic as well. I’m sure the leads are coming through helping you that as well. Yes, it’s definitely.

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