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Google Ads Optimization Day 2 | Are Your Keywords Eligible?

Google Ads Optimization Day 2 | Are Your Keywords Eligible?

– [Mike Mancini] Mike
Mancini here again with our Adwords Optimization, week
number one, day number two. Something that you can take
and use to help optimize a newer adwords campaign
or a campaign that maybe has never really been touched. So for the next step,
what I want you to do is log in to your campaign. We’re here inside a campaign
that we recently took over. And go to the campaign and
then click on keywords. Now I want you to click
on that status column. You might see a bunch of
things here that say eligible. But click on it to resort it. And then what you also might see here are a bunch of red warnings. First of all, this ones says
it’s below the first page bid. So if we hover above that,
it says the ad is showing but it isn’t performing well
because it’s bid is too low. So scroll down to the next one. Now this one is not showing
because it doesn’t have a high enough bid to basically
get on the first page. So obviously these can be a problem and can give you an
idea of exactly what you need to be spending on your keywords. So when I go in, I will look at this and maybe under brake rotor
service I might be all, I don’t know if I want
to pay up to five dollars and 50 cents a click. Now depending on, just
because you bid that, does not mean you will
necessarily pay that. It comes down to your click-through rate, the quality of your ads, the
quality of your landing pages. There’s obviously a lot of different factors that go into that. But what I want you to do is,
take a look in your accounts, because a lot of people
don’t realize that sometimes this is happening and some of their best keywords are not being shown. This is something you should at least check a couple times a week. Just go in, click on
your campaign as a whole, and click on the keyword
area and see what comes up. Now this one, find a mechanic, yeah. Bidding 259? Sure. I’m willing to up that. So let’s up it. I will usually up it by
at least 25 cents or so. So let’s just say 276. (mouse clicking) And save, and then you can see that now that keyword is eligible. And then I might go down to the next one. And so on and so forth. Now I’ll also take a look at where maybe the average position is. Maybe it was running a bit low. And then you might see these
other ones that are saying, rarely shown due to low quality score. And if you hover above
those, it’s basically saying that you can see your
quality score down here. It really has a below
average click-through rate, and a below average
landing page experience. So one thing we could do to
maybe switch this up right away is redo the ad for this specific keyword. And if you go through, you’ll see different quality scores
for different keywords. And you might see a different
diagnosis here as well. Then you’ll find other ones here where it says, low search volume. So it says, this isn’t performing well because not many people are
searching for the keyword. But it has a great quality
score, an eight out of ten. And it’s got a great click-through rate. There’s one conversion for 15 dollars. That’s actually for this
company, that’s not bad. I’m not gonna touch that keyword. If anything, I might, because
of the average position, I might up my bid a little bit. And here’s an example where you can see, we are bidding a maximum cost per click of five dollars, sixteen cents. But we’re only paying an average of three dollars and fourteen
cents for that click. So just because you
have a maximum CPC here, a larger amount does not
mean you’ll be paying that. So, in fact, what I’m going to do is I’m going to up this a little bit to hopefully improve this position. So at least twice a
week, I would go through and just double-check your keywords and make sure that they are working. Make sure they’re operating. Make sure that they’re actually eligible and showing to people. I can’t tell you how many
times we go into new accounts, and when we go there we realize that some of their biggest keywords are not showing because they’re not eligible. Perhaps there was changes
made to the account. You might have a keyword
that has been eligible ever since you turned the campaign on. Maybe that’s been a year,
but as time changes, as the campaigns change,
that status might be updated. And maybe it’s no longer showing because maybe there’s more
competition for that keyword, or maybe it’s not performing
as well as it used to. So take some time, a couple times a week, go into your account, make sure that that keyword status is eligible. And we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks so much for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please like it and subscribe to our channel. Or if you know of someone else
who this video could help, please take a quick second
and share it with them. See you next time. (futuristic music)

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