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Google Ads Optimization Day 1 | Google Adwords Optimization

Google Ads Optimization Day 1 | Google Adwords Optimization

– [Mike] Hi, Mike Mancini
with PPCVideoTraining.com. Today we are starting a series called, what we’re calling, AdWords
Optimization Week Number One. Now, what does that mean? This is specifically meant for people who have started an AdWords account, and maybe they have not done any optimization up to this point. Maybe it’s something that they turned on, or they’re not really
that experienced with it. They set up an account. It didn’t work really well. They shut it off immediately. You know, this is the
optimization that you should probably work with right
when you turn an account on, or optimization rules for AdWords accounts that have never really been touched, meaning they were set
up, they were turned on, and they really haven’t
been touched since. So, today, in day number one, we are going to take a
look at our settings. So here we are inside a Campaign, and here we are in our Ad groups. Go down to the left-hand
side and click on Settings. Here we see the Campaign. We see the status is enabled. What we can do now is,
the first thing I want you to take a look at is Networks. What networks are you on? Are you on the Search Network, or are you on the Google Display Network? If you are doing true PPC, you probably want to be
on the Search Network. The Display Network are basically those display ads you might
see if you’re on a news site, and you see an image ad over
to your right-hand side. The Search Network is when people go to Google and actually type it in. Make sure that you just have the Search Network included here. Next, I want you to take
a look at Locations. In this particular campaign, you can see that we are
targeting the Las Vegas area. However, if I’m a service provider, and my business only targets
Las Vegas, let’s say, but if we look on here, and we
see United States is checked, or United States and Canada, or All countries and territories, obviously you have a big problem, so what I would do is specifically go to Enter another location. You can scroll down and
click on Advanced search. Now you can target a specific area here, so we can target Las Vegas, Nevada. You can target Las Vegas, New Mexico. Obviously that would not be one area that you’d want to target. You can target specifically
the Las Vegas Strip. Henderson, you can target,
which is a suburb of Las Vegas, and you get my idea. All’s you have to do is click on TARGET. Now, if you are in a specific area where maybe you have a franchise, and you are only allowed to
target specific zip codes, you can enter in the zip code here. You can enter in zip codes to exclude, so if you don’t have, if you butt up against somebody else’s territory then all’s you would need to
do is type in the zip code that they have, and you
can click on exclude. Make sure you’re targeting
is accurate here. Languages, obviously make sure you’re not targeting a language that your ads are not in. Or that your customers do not speak. Budget, what this means is this budget is not a monthly budget here. This is not $19.75 a month. This is a daily budget, meaning that if you’re ads are shown, and they are clicked on, and you use up your entire daily budget, your ads will stop showing for that day. I’ve gone into these accounts
before and looked at, because somebody’s turned them off, and they say, well, we
have a $400 a month budget, and we went through that, like, in day one because they did not understand
that this is a daily budget, so they went in here and entered $400, and the next day it was gone. So you need to take your entire budget. Let’s say it’s $300 a
month, divide it by 30.4 which is the average
number of days per month, and you will get a number to come up with. So if it’s $300 divided by 30.4, that’s actually $9.87 a day. Make sure that your
budget here is accurate. Bidding, now Google will give
you a lot of suggestions. However, Google’s suggestions are not always great
suggestions to follow. When it comes to bidding,
when it comes to PPC bidding, we usually will always
start with Manual CPC or Manual Cost Per Click. You can see there’s obviously a number of different bid strategies. Target CPA which is Target
Cost-Per-Acquisition. Target ROAS which is Return on Ad Spend. Maximize Clicks, a lot of
people will see, will check this because they want to get the
most clicks to their website. The problem is if your
website is not converting, that’s not the best strategy to use. We always suggest
starting with Manual CPC. Now, you can get help
increasing conversions with Enhanced CPC. I would suggest when you’re starting, just keep it at Manual
CPC and not clicking this. This is something that
we will look into later. Next, go down here and click
on Additional settings. Under Ad rotation, what this does is, if you are running multiple
ads, which you always should be, make sure you check the settings. Do not optimize Rotate ads indefinitely. Chances are, you have left, Optimize Prefer best performing ads. Now, if you were running one
ad, that really doesn’t matter. It’s always gonna show that ad, but if you are running multiple ads, what you’re telling Google is you wanna show each ad about
as often as the other one, so that you can always determine which ad is performing best. But, when Google optimizes that for you, they will sometimes choose an ad that maybe only has five conversions, and the other ad has 10, you know, but the first ad has a
better click-through rate, meaning more people have clicked it. Well, I’m obviously one to go with the ad with more conversions in that case. When it comes to this, I would always just say
Rotate ads indefinitely. And then lastly, under Location options. Scroll down and make sure it’s checked on People in your targeted locations. Let me give you an example of this. If we’re targeting the Las Vegas area, we’ll stick with that example, we want only people in that area, in that Las Vegas area
that we have targeted on our map to be able to see our ads when they’re searching for it. If we’re targeting Las Vegas,
somebody lives in New York, we don’t want our ads to
show up if they’re looking under specific key words in New York. You wanna make sure they are
in your targeted location when they’re searching for you. Now, while this is just a
very stripped down version of how to basically adjust
your AdWord settings, this is by no means the be
all end all guide to do that, but it should give you a quick idea of some fast changes that you can make to make sure that your AdWords Campaign is getting off on the right start. A lot of people will
start an AdWords Campaign and end up going into their,
ya know, the next day, and something is way off,
and they have no idea, and they just throw their hands up. Their budgets gone. They’re like this doesn’t
work, this sucks, we’re out. And we want to make sure
that’s not happening for you. So what this quick
course is designed to do is give you some ideas
of what you can work on to help improve your account. So this is just a place to start. And next, we’ll be releasing our Google AdWords Optimization
Week Number One, Day Number Two video, and you can take a look at that, and that’s gonna talk about
some of the key word settings that we would have you take a look at if your Campaign’s not
running the way it should be. We’ll see you then. Thanks for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, like it,
subscribe to our channel, or simply share it with someone else who you think may find this video helpful. Hope to see you next time.

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