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Google Ads Location Bids

Google Ads Location Bids

Location targeting is an important feature
in Google AdWords. In this video I’m going to show you how to set up your locations,
and also how to adjust your bidding according to the locations. Hello and welcome back, my name is Uzair and
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similar videos like this one. So lets get started with location targeting, and this
is in the new Google interface. So as you can see over here I’ve got lots of data from
countries. So when you are running a campaign which is possibly or potentially can be expanded
worldwide, then there are two ways to start. First, you can either set up your campaigns
per country and set up literally over 200 countries in the world there are to target,
but you may not need to do all that work upfront because there’ll be some countries where you
won’t get any traffic from. So to get started on a small scale, what I
would suggest or recommend is you set up one campaign, target all the countries as you
start to get the data in and conversions and clicks etc, you then start to split out the
campaigns from that specific country. So if I can see over here from the Philippines,
I’m getting a lot of clicks and impressions then I’m going to separate it out into its
own country. So gradually over a period of time, you can start to separate out the countries;
or in your case it could be location, it really depends on where you are targeting. So to
get started, all you do is set up your campaign and in your campaign when you are setting
up, you will have that location stuff. I’m just going to delete all these so you can
see how it is done. So you can either go all countries and territories,
your own country or you can enter your location. Or what you can also do is setup a radius
targeting. So if you go to advanced search, click on location and then you get the option
of selecting miles or kilometers, and let’s say if I want to put a radius of 10 miles
around where I am, so now my ads can show in this targeted location. So that’s one way
of doing that or what you can also is have multiple locations. So I could have London
in here as well, Birmingham, Manchester, and so on. So I’m going to cancel that. I’m just
going to set up a handful of locations so I’m going to do that. So these are the towns I want to target, or
places I went to target and then I would save it. Now here’s what is quite important. When
you go under location options, this is the important bit. What you want to be doing is
choosing and selecting this one, the second one, people in your targeted locations. Although
Google recommends people in or who show interest in your targeted location, you will see that
your ads are being shown outside of these targeted location. So use the second one.
So once you’ve set it up and you start to run, then let’s go into a campaign where I’ve
got some data. Okay, so now I can see all these countries I am, and it could be cities
or it could be towns, it could be your locations, whatever, wherever you are targeting, I can
sort by click, impressions. So let’s see, where I’m getting the most clicks from. So
Indonesia, okay. Impressions, CTR, average CPC. Now this is on the Google Display Network,
so you can get some very low cost, cheap traffic, but cheap is not always best or good. So don’t
go for the cheapest clicks because sometimes they don’t convert, you’ll get lots of clicks,
but even when you do get the leads, the leads are not the right quality as well. So you
need to test about. So I’ve spent £13.00 on this, three conversions and CPC is £4.36,
compared to Philippines where I’ve got CPC of £9.30, so that’s almost double to what
I’m paying in Indonesia, but if I scroll down a bit. Algeria is £1.76, Nigeria £1.40.
So I can see that my lead or the CPCs are quite low and I can get cheaper conversions
but obviously I haven’t got enough data. These are only one conversions and two’s and
three’s, I need to have a bit more data so I can let it run for a little while, whereas
over here in Pakistan I’ve got nine conversions and at £1.56. So what I can do, I can do
two things I can either exclude Indonesia completely, if I feel that it’s way too much
for my CPC, I can either split it out into a separate campaign and run it over there
on it’s own. Or if I haven’t got enough data then what I would do is I will sort this out
by CPC, see which are the most expensive countries. Okay. So Philippines is £9.38, Ukraine £7.20,
Brazil £4.66. Okay I’m just going to select a handful of these countries which are a bit
more, and then what I will do is I would go to edit, and decrease my bid by 20%. I don’t want to
decrease too much either because then we’ll start to lose traffic and lose the auctions,
so reduce a little bit, see how it runs, and if it still continues to give you a very expensive
CPC, then you know that that’s not the place to market and you can either exclude it or
pause your campaign in that country, city, town or location. So that’s how you would
adjust your bids and select your locations in the new Google AdWords interface. So I
hope you enjoyed this video. Please don’t forget to subscribe and if you did enjoy it,
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forward to seeing you in my other videos very soon. Take care. Bye for now.

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  1. You say you need more data to make a decision based on cost per conversion.

    How much data should you have before making a decision?

    I want to optimise a search campaign though, not a display campaign.

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