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Google Ads Hacks for 2019: How to Make More Sales than Your Competition

Google Ads Hacks for 2019: How to Make More Sales than Your Competition

Hey, what is up guys, it’s Rafael here your seven figure ecommerce coach. And today we’re gonna talk about the top three Google Ad hacks for this year in the next couple of years so you can Absolutely crush your competition crush everybody else in e-commerce and champa fight with these hacks on Google You know, I I made a google apps tutorial and it’s done. Absolutely crazy I think it has like eight thousand views in the past week and a half So I know that you guys love Google Ads, so I’m gonna keep making google apps videos if you like these videos, please Give me a thumbs up in the in the section below and if you like a free training on how to make $10 for every dollar that you spend combining Google Ads Facebook ads and Instagram, it’s the first link in the description Google Ad tax Let’s go to my computer and find out Alright, so now that you hear my computer, these are the three things that I’m gonna talk about essentially in this video I’m gonna go in-depth in detail in 2hn every one of them But they’re essentially the overall overarching strategy so ad specific keywords to a product tag section on Shopify Exactly. What does that mean? Right, when you start off a new google shopping campaign, you’re gonna see that a lot of products are gonna pop up for searches Right. This is what I talked about in the Google s tutorial These products are gonna start popping up depending on what people search for on Google if someone searches For you know, in this case, you know a cheap jacket for little girls. This is the product that’s gonna pop up But how do you make sure that your product pops up? And for what specific keywords do your products pop up? How do you make sure that happens you put them in the tax session? I always talk about putting them down below in the SEO section, but I’ve seen that Well me and my students results have seen that in the tax section actually works a lot better if you want to find keywords for your products I always recommend the Software called keyword finder what you can do in there is essentially, you know the type of product that you have let’s say it’s a jacket for girls or a Rain rain jacket in this case and then you put find keywords. It’ll tell you different variations of that specific keyword that you can use in your tag So for example, in this case, I have a rain jacket and then I would have you know women’s rain jacket raincoat Waterproof jacket then I have lightweight rain jacket long range jacket, for example I didn’t even know that these were searches and there’s a thousand two thousand ten thousand people searching for these things Now what do I do is I take these specific keywords and then I put them in the tax section of my product and now add it and Boom you can add up to I think it’s 30 or 50 tags I really don’t add more than 20 or 25 But in this case, you know I really want to show you how to pop up for the keywords that you want to pop up and this is how you do It you add them to the tags section. This is how you dominate Basically, everybody else are suing Google Ads and this is something that not many people talk about. I saw it. I Haven’t seen it any YouTube videos and I haven’t seen in any groups or anything And this is one thing that I absolutely do every single campaign and every single product that I do and I tell my students to do so it’s definitely a huge huge game-changer for me and Just in Google Ads in general add the keywords that you want to pop up for and the you know after you look for them in keyword finder and you see exactly Okay, this is what people are searching for. This is what has high volume maybe the low CPC so what you can do is even sort by CPC and Then go to the lowest one so raincoat Best waterproof jacket what you’ll do is obviously if you’re doing a waterproof jacket in this case I’m doing just a rain jacket for girls waterproof jacket. Boom. You put it in here and then you add it right? So that’s essentially how you do this is and how you beat You know those high CPC donggu because a lot of you guys are telling me, you know I want to do Google but CBC’s are too high or costs are too high well This is how you beat that you go on the track section of your product page you check on keyword finder which other cheapest cpc’s and then you add them to the tax session so that they pop up for that and then you’ll have a Cheaper CPC through google shopping, right? This is the first hack now. The second hack is about scaling how do you scale and there are different ways I Was gonna do bite those these and you know a couple of sections But I just talked about them right now here what you can do Essentially in the camp in the campaign section you can scale horizontally So when scaling a campaign vertically, which means going from like $5 $10 $20 $50, etc You kind of start to lose performance on Google This happens a lot some campaigns when you get to the point where you’re like 50 to 100 dollars a day They kind of start losing performance slowly how you beat that and how you scale is you start testing different bidding strategies So you’ll do maximize clicks with a maximum maximum CPC bit limit Then you’ll do enhanced CPC then you’ll do manual CPC and then help increase conversions where there has to be See you can untick that since you already chose a campaign of an ANSI BC. So just through these four Let’s say you have you know, I campaign at $20 a day You want to scale it to like a hundred just by putting these four now you’re at 80, right? $20 per campaign eighty dollars a day for these four campaigns So this the first way down a scale the second way that I scale is by using Placements and by placements obviously, I mean doing mobile desktop and tablet and I essentially scaled those three I have the exact same campaign per device and what you’ll see sometimes is that for some products often some stores Mobile tends to do a lot lot better than desktop for other niches desktop tends to do a lot better than mul So you’ll find these by just dividing them into different types of campaigns So yeah, that’s the second way to scale is by placements. The third way to scale is by countries. So what you’ll do is Let me go down here. And then essentially you’re gonna divide those locations so up at Facebook sometimes I tell you guys to combine the four main countries US UK, Canada and Australia, but what you can do on On Google is basically divide those campaigns per specific country so you’ll have one campaign doing UK and then you’ll take that out and then do one campaign for United States and then you know the next one you’ll take that out and then you’ll do one can pay for Australia and Then the same thing you can do it for, you know when you’re spending internationally what what I recommend for expending you know higher than those for english-speaking countries is Combining different countries and different like regions of the world So what you’ll do is instead of doing like just France or just Germany or just Italy, you know in Europe for example You would do like five or more of those countries. So you’ll do Germany Italy France Sweden Norway all together those five countries all together and once you start getting some sales once you start getting traffic you’ll see which one’s Perform better than the other ones and always see you optimize from there. You make a campaign based on that country so let’s say you have Let’s say you have five camp let’s say you have so ten countries in a campaign and Then five of those are starting to perform really well now you have five countries in five campaigns Right, and now you have five campaigns running the exact same campaign just a different country. Now those five campaigns you do per per device now you have 15 campaigns and Now those three devices campaigns you’re doing by bidding strategies So let’s say you do the 15 campaigns times three different bidding strategies You’re talking about 45 campaigns already. If each one is I don’t know $20 a day that we’re talking about a spend of 45 times $20 a day We’re talking about a spend of nine hundred dollars a day off of those all those campaigns and what you can do is just go in every morning or every evening and then your check which ones are Performing better scale those scale those so you don’t need to take one campaign to a thousand dollars a day You can do it horizontally right horizontally means creating Multiple campaigns instead of doing just one campaign a thousand dollars a day This isn’t we how I scale and how I keep my CPA my cost per action my cost per sale. Very very low Sometimes you’ll see that Google Ads experts or gurus tell you to just increase the bid The the budgets like $2,000 a day Well that kind of kills the campaign honestly most of the times that’s why I recommend just doing it this way and improving And scaling that way All right, the 13 is troubleshooting and optimizing campaigns now Once you start getting some traffic onto your website onto your products You’re start to see that obviously some products tend to do really really bad on Google. So once you see some results Let’s say you spent $200 spent on ads suddenly other recommend is that just some products are going to underperform some products are just not going to perform on Google and That don’t perform on Google that you know You essentially test them on Google just like you test them on Facebook you want to not take them out of your store You want to take them out of Google and what I do for that is for example, I find a product Let’s say this product just absolutely sucks on Google but it works on like Facebook and Instagram But it just absolutely sucks on Google. What I’ll do is I’ll do oh right here product availability you manage that and Then you take out Google Shopping and you click done and what that does is it doesn’t take it out from your store It doesn’t take it out from you know, from where you’re doing our Facebook Instagram, whatever It just takes it out from the Google campaign. And from now on you won’t be promoting that product through your Google Shopping campaign So you’ll keep that Google Shopping campaign running. Let’s say you have a hundred products Right. Cancel. Let’s say you have a hundred products a hundred products running and Ten of them suck right. They’re really bad they get traffic, but they’re just like really really bad. Then you take those ten out of The Google Shopping you uncheck them basically on the product page. You can do that in bulk as well by selecting all the products are just clicking make available on and then onion ticking google shopping and Then you essentially take them off from Google and now you’re keeping all your bestsellers on one Google campaign you can do that as well with let’s say you have a like 200 500 thousand products and then You just have five that are top top top bestsellers that everybody everybody buys Then you just untick everything else from Google shopping and you just keep those five on that Google Shopping campaign It’ll run those products through the Google Shopping campaign Now your you know a thousand products that you have just those five that you want to actually promote So that’s actually a huge hack that a lot of people really don’t know about It’s just you can take it out from Google not take it up from your store. So that’s something really cool That’s how I optimize summer campaigns. There’s another strategy that I do on my campaigns but I I’m not really sure if I should share that on YouTube is If this video gets a lot of views and I will share it here But it’s it’s kind of more reserved for my inner circle students than anything else But yeah, that’s about it. Those are the three ways a specific keywords to the product tags. There’s a game changer You can absolutely be your competition because you’re not guessing what what keywords are popping up for your actually choosing the keywords by CPC by competition by By how many people are searching for them? You’re doing it very scientifically and then scaling your scaling Horizontally, so you’re not wasting money and you’re essentially keeping that cost per action very very long and then the troubleshooting and optimizing campaigns So that you know, you don’t have to take the products out You can still promote them on other sources But on Google you essentially keep that campaign pure and fresh without those underperforming products That’s about it for today guys. Three Google hacks for 2019 or you know for years to come if you like this video Please give me a thumbs up below subscribe to this channel and in the first thing in the description and the resources section I have a training free absolutely free training ten minute training that shows you the exact strategy that me and my students use To make more than fifty to a hundred thousand dollars every single month by combining Google Facebook and Instagram. It’s not just Facebook anymore It’s not just Aliexpress on facebook that magic little pill that everybody is trying to sell you on It’s combining them all and you know beating a competition through that. It’s not a huntin. It’s not an hour-long webinar It’s a 10-minute training. I’m not gonna pitch you anything and then I have a free surprise at the end. It’s complete for free It’s all for free I’m gonna pitch you a product not gonna pitch you a course on this on that training, so don’t worry about that It’s not a webinar. It’s not fake its it’s all real real information with real testimonials. Thank you for watching this video Check out the other videos here on the channel. If you like this one, it’ll definitely like the other ones There’s gonna be a suggestive one called Google ads at the end of this video or in the corner I don’t know one of those two corners There’s an eye a little eye and if you could click that you’ll see the Google ads video. So check that out Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next one You

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